Weapons are the most important items in the game. Without them, you cannot engage enemies in combat. Having different kinds of weapons can help you defeat enemies to gain loot and explore areas to gather artifacts. This Cube World weapons guide will include all the details on weapons, where to get them, their different kinds and all about upgrading them.

How To Obtain And Upgrade All Weapons In Cube World

There are several ways of obtaining different weapons in the game. Firstly the easiest way is to buy them from merchants. The other ways include crafting them yourself or getting them from enemies loot drops. Weapons in the game have different rarity the higher the rarity the harder the chances of getting a hold of them. Legendary weapons are the hardest to get.

To upgrade a certain weapon you will need cubes and upgrade it in the Customization menu. Do bear in mind that the cubes needed for upgrading must be of the same material the weapon is made from. Weapons also have level requirements. If you can’t equip a weapon it might mean that you don’t have enough requirements. You can check the weapon requirements as well.

There are a lot of different weapons in the game:

Fist Weapons – These weapons can do quick combo jabs and have chances of stun onto enemies. These weapons will be worn by you on your fists.

Daggers/Knives – These weapons are incredibly useful in close range. They can deal poison to enemies and are used commonly in the first section of the game.

Longsword – The weapon is a sword that can be useful in the mid-range. It is available to all the classes in the game. Enhancing the weapon can also increase it’s potential.

Bow – The bow can be very useful in long-range. It is only available to the class rangers. Fire arrows can also be used on this weapon.

Wand – This weapon is the starting weapon of the class Mage. It can perform magic spells useful in combat.

Mace – This weapon is good at close range and mostly taking out goblins.

Axe – This weapon is good in close to mid-range and is mostly used by dwarves.

Shield  – The shield can protect from many attacks and damage. The shields are mostly used by class Warriors.

Crossbow – Thevweapon deals more of a punch than Bow but takes time reloading. The weapon is only available to class Rangers

Arrow – This is used in Bows and Crossbow by class Rangers.

Staff – A magical weapon useful for area effects attacks and magical attacks.

Greatsword – This weapon requires high strength to wield and can deal quite some damage.

Greataxe – This weapon is a superior weapon to an Axe. The weapon is mostly used by dwarves.

Greatmace – This weapon is a superior weapon to a Mace. This weapon is useful against Orcs.

This marks the end of our Cube World Weapons guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our pet food guide and our guide on crafting.