Cube World Spirit Cubes Guide: Types And How To Get Them

Cube World Spirit Cubes

Spirit Cubes is a resource found in the world of Cube World. These Spirit Cubes can be used to upgrade and improve the weapons you own. This guide will include all the details on Spirit Cubes, how to get them and their different types.

How To Get Spirit Cubes In Cube World

Spirit Cubes are dropped after you kill a boss. You cam use the spirit cubes to upgrade your weapon. Simply go to the customization menu and select a weapon you want to upgrade. After that select the spirit cube you want to add.

Spirit cubes can be mixed together for better cubes. A weapon with the same level of a spirit cube can be upgraded via this method. A single weapon can get up to 32 Spirit cubes. There are a few types of Spirit Cubes:

Fire Spirit – This spirit allows the weapon to deal way more fire damage onto enemies.

Wind Spirit – This spirit increases the combos you can achieve in combat and also increases the speed of your weapon.

Ice Spirit – This spirit is able to slow down the enemy’s movement and attack speed by freezing them.

Unholy Spirit – This spirit increases your weapon’s stats in return for your health points.

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