Cube World Pets Guide: How To Tame Pets

Cube World Pets

There a lot of different kinds of pets in the vast areas of Cube World. These creatures are harmless and are easy to spot from far away. Pets in Cube World can be tamed and can be made of use. This guide will include all the details on pets and their different kinds. Also how to tame pets is also include a bit in the guide.

How To Tame Pets In Cube World

Different kinds of pets can prove useful in different kinds of scenarios. Not all pets are useful in many ways but are in some. There are pets who will be very useful to fight alongside you whereas others will be only useful to you as the amount. You can tame many creatures so that they can fight for you when the time is right. There is a large variety of animals that can be tamed.

Taming can be considered quite easy in the game. All you need to do is feed and pet them. Select the wild animal’s favorite food and equip it in the right slot. After that, the animal will start eating it from your hand and your bond with it will increase and after a moment the pet will be tamed and yours to keep.

Pets in the game can be named so your bond towards them increases. You can press “T” to summon them to you. This might come as a shock but some pets have the ability to heal their master. The pet can also gain experience points to level up and become more powerful.

Don’t worry if your pet dies because it will respawn after some time near you. Pets whom you can mount have stamina and you can’t ride them forever. You will need to give them a drink to refill its stamina. You can pick a pet that supports your fighting and playing style.

There are a few types of pets in the game:

Tank – These types of pets can be very tanky and can take high amounts of damage. They can be useful to you as a bait also. One of the examples of Tank pets is Turtle.

Mounts – These types of pets can be mounted so that you can travel to different areas faster. A few examples of Mount pets are Pig or a Wolf.

Melee Pets – These types of pets can be used in combat. They specialize in close range and can do good damage to the enemies. A few examples of Melee Pets are Raccoon and Crab etc.

Ranged Pets – These types of pets can be used in combat. They specialize in long-range and can do good damage from afar. One example of Ranged Pets is Snout Beetle.

Healing Pets – These types of pets can be used as a support troop in combat. They can heal you while you deal with enemies. One example of Healing Pets is Spitter.

This marks the end of our Cube World Pets guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our pet food guide and our guide on crafting.