Cube World Pet Food Guide: How To Tame All Animals, Pet Food Types

Cube World pet food

Cube World has all kinds of animals that you can tame. In order to do that you will need to know the respective pet food that you need to use. This Cube World pet food guide will tell you which pet food you need to tame the different animals in the game.

Pet Food For All Animals In Cube World

The following table includes all the information that you need to know about pet food and the animals that you can tame with it. We have also mentioned whether or not a certain pet is rideable or not.

Pet Food Pet Rideable
Apple Ring Crocodile Yes
Banana Split Monkey No
Biscuit Roll Bumblebee No
Blackberry Marmalade Porcupine Yes
Bloodorange Juice Mosquito Yes
Buckhorn Beaver Yes
Bubble Gum Collie Yes
Blue Jelly Blue Slime Yes
Bread Bark Beetle Yes
Cabbage rolls Snail Yes
Candied Apple Horse Yes
Candy Cat Yes
Caramel Chocolate Bar Desert Runner Yes
Carrot Bunny Yes
Cereal Bar Chicken No
Cinnamon Roll Turtle Yes
Chocolate Cake Raccoon No
Chocolate Cookie Peacock Yes
Chocolate Cupcake Brown Alpaca Yes
Chocolate Donut Mole No
Chocolate Ice Cream Baby Mammoth Yes
Cotton Candy Sheep Yes
Croissant Scottish Terrier Yes
Curry Fire Beetle Yes
Date Cookie Camel Yes
Eucalyptus Candy Koala
Fruit Basket Fly No
Ginger Tartlet Parrot No
Green Jelly Green Slime Yes
Lemon Tart Lemon Beetle Yes
Licorice Candy Crow Yes
Lollipop Owl No
Lolly Snout Beetle Yes
Mango Juice Bat No
Melon Ice Cream Midge No
Mineral Water Radishling Sprout Yes
Mint Chocolate Bar Leaf Runner Yes
Mixed Salad Caterpillar Yes
Pancakes Biter No
Peanut Baby Elephant Yes
Pink Jelly Pink Slime Yes
Popcorn Hornet Yes
Pumpkin Mash Pig Yes
Radicchio Salad Earth Caterpillar Yes
Raspberry Juice Flamingo Yes
Rice Milk Chocolate Bar Plain Runner Yes
Salted Caramel Seagull No
Soft Ice Penguin No
Spring Water Cormling Sprout Yes
Strawberry Cake Squirrel No
Strawberry Cocktail Crab No
Sugar Candy Duckbill Yes
Vanilla Cupcake Alpaca (light) Yes
Waffle Terrier Yes
Water Ice Spitter No
White Chocolate Bar Snow Runner Yes
Yellow Jelly Yellow Slime Yes

This marks the end of our Cube World pet food guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our crafting guide as well.