Cube World Climatic Zones Guide: All Climatic Zones, Terrains, Weather

Cube World Climatic Zones

Cube World is an open world game with vast areas and different climatic zones. You can explore different areas of the world and be fascinated. The area generation in the game is random at some times. The places, of course, would not change but the climatic zone of the area surely can.

Similar to different kinds of enemies at different locations you might be exploring a desert area and at some point come across a winter area. This guide will include all the details on Climatic Zones in the world of Cube World.

Cube World – Climatic Zones Guide

There are quite a few climatic zones in the game which you can experience. They are:

Forest – This is the starting point of every player. You can explore the entire area and leave it to explore newer areas. The forest comprises of trees, hills and mountains. There are also ruins and castles many of which are abandoned. There are all sorts of creatures in the forest.

Desert – The desert is an area filled with sand as far as the eyes can see. There are hills and huge pyramids here along with a few oases. Desert accustomed creatures roam in the area.

Winter Land – The Winter land is an area covered in snow. Snow is falling all the time and you will find frozen lakes and creatures that are accustomed to this cold environment.

Ocean – This huge ocean is filled with water as far as the eyes can see. Traveling by boat is very easy here. There are islands and underwater caverns here and also sea creatures most of which live underwater.

Jungle – The jungle is filled with a lot of big trees and many abandoned temples and ruins like the forest area. You will find a lot of creatures in the area too which are accustomed to live here.

Lava Land – The area is filled with magma rocks and lava lakes. Only demons roam in the Lava Land and you might not find much water resource here.

This marks the end of our Cube World Climatic Zones guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guides on how to use bombs and spirit cubes.