Cube World Beginners Guide – How To Level Up, How To Change Class Specialization, Gear And Items

Cube World Beginners Guide

Cube World Beginners Guide will help you with all of the basic things in the game like how to level up, basic controls and tricks to help you survive longer in the game.

Cube World Beginners Guide

Knowing the basics of a game are important and Cube World is no exception. Our Cube World Beginners Guide will help you with basic tips and tricks like leveling up, changing Class Specialization, basic combat controls and tips, and more

How To Level Up

Leveling up is not important in Cube World as you don’t gain any experience from killing monsters in the game. Instead of leveling up your character, focus on your gear and items that help boost your damage and survivability. Leveling up only works to the extent of Artifacts you find in the game but even that isn’t worth anything.

Gear And Items

Another interesting thing about the game is that its gear and items are region locked. Meaning if you find a particular item in a certain region, going to another region will render it unusable. You need to go back to the region from where you found the gear or items to use it.

However, there is gear in Cube World which can be used in other regions. If the gear’s name has + with its name then can be used in the regions of the kingdom from where it was acquired.

Enemy Difficulty

The enemy difficulty is color-coded in Cube World. The name of the enemies will one of the following colors with white being the easiest one and Yellow enemies being the toughest one.

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow.

Also, focus on easy enemies until you have the gear to take on the tougher enemies.

How To Change Class Specialization

If you want to change your class specialization then go to the town and talk to Guild Receptionist. They are marked as the crown on the map. Just go and talk and you’ll be given the options to change your Class Specialization.

Combat and Controls

Knowing your controls in the most important thing in a video game and Cuber World is no exception. Knowing the right dodge button can be the difference between victory and death. Here is what you need to know about Cube World’s combat controls and general controls.

  • Middle mouse is your default dodge button. Can be remapped in the options.
  • You can climb the walls. Just walk up to a wall and hold E to climb. However, you have limited stamina and need to climb up before your character is fatigued.
  • Use your primary skill with Left-Click, secondary skill with Right-Click and ultimate ability with R.
  • Your Ultimate takes a while to recharge.
  • Your Mana is regenerated automatically and nothing needs to be consumed.
  • Health has to be restored by consuming Life Potion. You can craft the Life Potion.
  • Don’t jump from heights and you’ll receive fall damage.
  • You can use friendly NPCs to help you in combat. Either join them or let them do the work for you and then take the loot.


A lot of the time will be spent exploring while playing Cube World. Here are the things that you need to prioritize while exploring in the game.

  • Pick up any resource or item that you can. Useless ones can be sold or used for crafting.
  • Play your flute at a Shrine of Life to change where to spawn after you die. Use this so that you won’t spawn far from the area in which you die.
  • These shrines can be used as fast travel points. But first, you need to play flute once at a shrine to use it for fast travel.
  • Use the lamp by pressing F. Again press the same button to put it away.


  • Talk to NPCs to get quests and completing them will earn you rewards.
  • Quest difficulty is represented by the color of the location. Quest difficulty is represented with the same colors as enemy difficulty.
  • Always keep an eye for Shrine of Life near the quest marker in case if you die so you can spawn on the shrine.

That is all for our Cube World Beginner’s Guide with tips on how to level up, combat, game controls, and basic tricks.