Crusader Kings 3 has multiple skills and attributes that your statistics for each character. Attributes and skills decide how good a character will be while performing certain actions in Crusader Kings 3. In this guide, we will explain all Crusader Kings 3 Attributes and Skills, and their effects.

Crusader Kings 3 Skills and Attributes Effects, How Attributes Work

Skills in Crusader Kings 3 are going to decide a character’s expertise in various fields and combined with attributes they will determine how good or bad a character is at various tasks.

Skill  Effects 
  • Decides the effectiveness of Diplomacy Schemes
  • +2 General Opinion per level
  • + 100 Damage for Knight per level 
  • +10 Toughness for Knight per level 
  • Decides the effectiveness in Duels 
  • +2% Cultural Fascination bonus as Cultural Head 
  • +0.1 Monthly Piety per level 
  • -1% Conversion Cost per level 
  • Decides the Demand conversion Success Chance 
  • Decides the prestige cost to boost Crown Authority 
  • +2% Levy Size per level 
  • +1 Starting Advantage 
  • +2% Levy Reinforcement Rate per level 
  • +2% Domain Taxes per level 
  • + Domain Limit per 5 level 
  • +1% Scheme Discovery Chance per level 
  • +1 Hostile Scheme Success Chance per level 
  • Decides the Imprisonment Success Chance 
  • Decides the effectiveness of Intrigue Schemes 

Value Thresholds

There are value thresholds in Crusader Kings 3 which aren’t as important as the exact value of a skill. Value Thresholds are taken into account in various events to determine the chances for a good or bad outcome. All of your skills are decided by Education traits and are affected by other trait types. The following are the value and descriptions.

  • 0-3 (Terrible)
  • 4-7 (Poor)
  • 8-11 (Average)
  • 12-15 (Good)
  • 16+ (Excellent)


Dread is an important part of skills and attributes in Crusader Kings 3. Dread will define how feared any ruler is by its vassals and make people Terrified or Intimidated. In Crusader Kings 3, Dread: Natural Dread and Decaying Dread.

Natural Dread

This one can be added or remove via the character Traits and shows the minimum Dread any character.

Decaying Dread

Decaying Dread is layered on top of Natural Dread and is gained by taking part in performing cruel acts such as executing Prisoners and torture.

Interaction  Intimidated Acceptance  Terrified Acceptance 
Arrange Marriage  +75  +150 
Marry  +50  +150 
Offer Vassalage  +10  +20 
Blackmail  +50  +100 
Demand Conversion  +10  +20 
Revoke Title  +25  +50 
Retract Vassal  +25  +50 
Imprison  +25  +50 
Ask to Take Vows  +25  +50 
Negotiate Alliance  +50  +100 
Offer Guardianship  +50  +100 
Offer Ward  +50  +100 
Ransom  +40  +100 

Characters that are Intimidated are much less likely to join Factions or Schemes that aren’t on good terms with characters they are Intimidated and Terrified by. It also has an impact on their acceptance of different character interactions.

You will lose your character’s Dread at the rate of 0.5 per month. You can stop this by using the Forever Infamous intrigue lifestyle perk.


All of your characters will come with a secret Boldness attribute which is determined by its traits. The character will feel Intimidated by those who have a +20 Dread above the Boldness and Terrified by those who have a Dread of +45 over Boldness.


This attribute shows any character’s chance of reproduction in Crusader Kings 3. Couples have a monthly chance of getting the female pregnant. The chances are calculated through a formula – Pregnancy Chance = 4.75 x Male Fertility + Female Fertility divided by 2. Base Fertimilty of any character is defined by his/her age in Crusader Kings 3.


  • 16-25: 100%
  • 26-30: 100%
  • 31-35: 100%
  • 36-40: 90%
  • 41-45: 80%
  • 46-50: 80%
  • 51-60: 70%
  • 61-70: 60%
  • 70+: 50%


  • 16-25: 100%
  • 26-30: 90%
  • 31-35: 70%
  • 36-40: 50%
  • 41-45: 33%
  • 46-50: Can’t get pregnant
  • 51-60: Can’t get pregnant
  • 61-70: Can’t get pregnant
  • 70+: Can’t get pregnant

It should be noted that Concubines and Secondary Spouses are less fertile in Crusader Kings III. Moreover, mothers will lose 5% fertility at every childbirth so keep that into account.


Characters below the age of 16 are categorized as children in Crusader Kings 3. They become an adult at the age of 16 and can die at any point after the age of 60. Characters get various lifestyle perks at the start of their life cycle based on their age. At the age of 25 characters get a 7.5% chance of losing health each year. This chance goes up 2.2% every year. Dynasties can avoid this by completing the Kin Legacy. At the age of 45, characters have a 10% chance of losing -1 Prowess annually. This chance goes up by 1.5% every year. Complete the Kin Legacy to prevent this.


Stress is one of the most important attributes in Crusader Kings 3. It shows the mental health status of your characters. Stress levels of any character will go up if he/she performs an action that goes against its traits, someone passes away, or the character is tortured and imprisoned. Stress attribute ranges between 0 to 400 and comes with various penalties such as making your character vulnerable to break downs. The good thing is that such events can only happen once in 5 years so you have enough time to manage your stress levels.

Stress Level  Fertility  Health Issues  Suicide Attempt  Mental Break Traits 
0-99  0  0  No  No breakdown 
100-199  -10%  0  No  Coping Mechanisms such as alcohol, weed, comfort eating, and more. 
200-299  -30%  Serious health issues  No  More dependency on coping mechanisms such as alcohol, food, hashish 
300-399  -50%  Serious health issues  Yes  Breakdown 


As the name suggests, Health is your HP in Crusader Kings 3 among the list of attributes and traits. It shows who likely any character is to die in the game.

Health  Likely to Die  Description 
Dying  Yes  Almost dead 
Near-Death  Yes  Close to death 
Excellent  Yes  In excellent health 
Fine  No  Feeling fine 
Good  No  In good health 
Poor  No  Sick 


Once the character reaches the age of 6 they can get an Education Focus geared in Crusader Kings 3. The character gets an Education trait at the age of 16. The quality of Education depends on how perfectly the character’s childhood that sits with the Education Focus and skills as well as the Guardian’s Education trait. Having a Guardian from a different faith or culture it is up to you to decide which faith and culture they should follow, the parents’ or the Guardian’s. There is also a chance that the child will adopt some of the personality traits of the Guardian.

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