Crusader Kings 3 is one of the best roleplaying games out there and with each entry, developers try their best to mix things up. In Crusader Kings 3 Paradox Games have added Lifestyles as a brand new feature. In this guide, we will share everything we know about the lifestyles in Crusader Kings 3 and how they affect your gameplay.

How Crusader Kings 3 Lifestyles Work

There are 5 types of Lifestyles in Crusader Kings 3 with words and concepts similar to one of Crusader Kings 2 DLCs. The 5 types of Lifestyles are:

Diplomacy: Focus on understanding people and their motives, how to handle other realms, and how to win the unwavering loyalty of your subjects.

Martial: Focus on control of your realm, honorable conduct, and the strategies that will win your wars.

Stewardship: Focus on dealing with justice, administrating the lands of your realm, and filling your coffers with gold.

Intrigue: Focus on the manipulation of people, the nature of secrets, and the cunning plots that will bring your plans to fruition.

Learning: Focus on learning all that you can. The realm of knowledge and divinity lie within your grasp, as well as the secrets to life.

Lifestyles have their own skill tree and getting experience over time will let you unlock different perks for multiple skill trees for each Lifestyle. Every Lifestyle has 3 different skill trees so going through these skill trees should boost the game’s replayability as you pick different paths and perks to create a fresh story in every playthrough.

Your character’s Lifestyle decisions only start as an adult, experiences during childhood can give the character affinity towards a specific lifestyle path. Although you can reset perks once per lifetime, it can still force your hand to maintain a bit more control over the character’s childhood experiences. It should also be noted that the Education stat of a character will have a direct impact on the bonus experience gained.

A stat of 1 is a bonus 10% with linear upward progression in Crusader Kings 3. This will affect how fast you can progress the skill trees for any give Lifestyle in the game. After you select a Lifestyle the game takes to the focus selection screen to decide your Focus.

Lifestyle Focuses

All 5 Lifestyles come with their own focuses that further impact your gameplay. Lifestyle focuses in Crusader Kings 3 should always bee picked depending on your immediate needs rather than long-term vision. Your focuses will result in different events happening over time in Crusader Kings 3. But you will also get various modifiers for your character. These events represent various opportunities that are tied to your character’s focus. However, events can also provide crises.

For example, if you go with the Domain Focus for the Stewardship Lifestyle, certain events will revolve around the management of the realm and its holdings. The game will have you deal with corrupt tax officials as you notice various inconsistencies and omissions in tax records for Nancy. The option to deal with such matters range from being directly involved to mass execution. Below you will find all effects focuses have on your Lifestyles.


  • Family: +2 Diplomacy, +20% Fertility
  • Foreign Affairs: +3 Diplomacy
  • Majesty: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Monthly Prestige


  • Authority: +1 Martial
  • Chivalry: +3 Prowess, +20% Dread Gain, +0.3 Monthly
  • Strategy: +3 Martial


  • Domain: +3 Stewardship
  • Duty: +1 Stewardship, +20 Courtier and Guest Opinion
  • Wealth: +10% Monthly Income


  • Intimidation: +2 Intrigue, +30 Natural Dread
  • Skulduggery: +3 Intrigue, +10 Agent Acceptance
  • Temptation: +25% Fertility, +10 Attraction Opinion, +20% Seduction Scheme Power


  • Medicine: +1 Learning, Small Health Boost
  • Scholarship: +3 Learning, +15% Development Growth
  • Theology: +1 Learning, +1 Monthly Piety

This is everything you need to know to get started with the Lifestyles in Crusader Kings 3. If you need more help with the game check out the Crusader Kings 3 Wiki.

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