Prestige is an important resource in Crusader Kings 3. It’s primarily earned via different in-game events and is required to perform a variety of actions. However, remember that doing certain actions can also reduce prestige. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how prestige works in CK3 and how to increase it.

In simple words, prestige is a character’s social standing in the world. It’s primarily increased by holding titles. The more titles your character has, the higher will be the prestige.

However, the most important question remains: why do you need prestige? As mentioned earlier, prestige is required to perform different in-game actions. These actions include declaring a war on someone, making important decisions, and more. Sometimes, performing dishonorable actions that don’t befit a ruler will result in a decrease of prestige.

How to Increase Prestige in Crusader Kings 3

Whenever your character has a bump in prestige, it gets closer to reaching the next tier of fame. There are a total of 6 levels of fame in CK3. These are:

  • Disgraced: 0
  • Established: 1,000
  • Distinguished: 1,000
  • Illustrious: 2,000
  • Exalted Among Men: 4,000
  • The Living Legend: 8,000

When it comes to increasing prestige, there are different ways to do so. Marrying your heirs into powerful families and allying yourself with powerful rulers across the world is one of the best ways of increasing prestige. Apart from this, you can also try to win wars and increasing your foothold to gain an increase in prestige. Lastly, you can also arrange feasts and hunts for your people to improve your family’s name.

You should also try to see the in-game prompts to get a better understanding of how much prestige you’ll receive from an action. Here’s a quick overview of actions that increase your prestige in CK3:

  • Marry into Powerful Families
  • Form Alliances with Powerful Rulers
  • Win Wars
  • Assist Allies in their Wars
  • Increase your Foothold
  • Arrange Feasts Hunts
  • Being Diplomatic
  • Performing Heroic Actions

Also, remember that most of these actions are on a limited-time and you should always try to keep an eye out on you.

That’s how prestige works in CK3. Feel free to check out our detailed Crusader Kings 3 wiki guides for more help on the game.

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