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Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty Traits Guide – Requirements, Best Traits, Effects


Crusader Kings 3 is filled with some of the best traits you’ll see in a role-playing game. There are Education traits, personality traits, and most importantly, the Dynasty Traits. Dynasty Traits are a crucial part of Crusader Kings 3. In this guide, we will go through all Dynasty Traits available in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty Traits List, Effects, Best Dynasty Traits and Requirements

Dynasty Traits can be given or removed by members of your dynasty. There are 11 Dynasty Traits in Crusader Kings 3 and based on the information below you should be able to figure out which ones the best dynasty traits.

Bastard Dynasty Trait

As the name suggests, this character is born out of wedlock. There is no legal pairing for its inception so he lives with the stain of being a bastard child. Bastards have +5 Same Trait Opinion, -15 Dynasty Opinion, and -1 Diplomacy. Bastards can not inherit titles in Crusader Kings 3.

Requirements: Character must be born outside of marriage or concubinage. No Bastard bastardry doctrine doesn’t apply to Faith.

Bastard Founder Dynasty Trait

This is probably the most interesting dynasty trait in Crusader Kings 3. As you know, Bastards can’t inherit titles in the game but there is nothing stopping them from starting their own dynasty; hence, the Bastard Founder trait. This trait comes with -1 Diplomacy and can not inherit titles.

Requirements: Gain a Landed title as a Bastard

Born in the Purple Dynasty Trait

If you want someone with privilege, this is the character you should look at. Born in the Purple is one of the prominent and privileged dynasty traits in Crusader Kings 3. These characters are born to prominent parents in the game, they live a rich comfortable life. Their parents have really high expectations from them. Born in the Purple characters have +0.5 monthly prestige, +5 Vassal Opinion.

Requirements: One of the parents must own the Barony of Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire, or the Roman Empire before birth.

Child of Concubine / Consort Dynasty Trait

This is a child that came to this earth via concubine. The child is fathered by a consort. Child of concubine has -1 Diplomacy in Crusader Kings 3.

Requirements: One of the child’s parents must be a concubine.

Denounced Dynasty Trait

As the name suggests, this character has is not owned by his dynasty. The dynasty has denounced him so he can be captured and imprisoned by any other dynasty member. Denounced characters have -1 Diplomacy, -1 Monthly Prestige Crime towards other Dynasty members.

Requirements: Denounced by the head of your Dynasty.

Disinherited Dynasty Trait

As is the name, this child has been disinherited by the Dynasty head. It can not get anything from the Dynasty so no inheritance for them. Disinherited characters have a -5 Dynasty Opinion and can not inherit titles.

Requirements: Must be disinherited by Dynasty head.

Legitimized Bastard Dynasty Trait

Legitimized Bastard is an interesting Dynasty trait in Crusader Kings. This child was born a bastard but was later legitimized. Legitimized Bastard characters have -10 Dynasty Opinion, -1 Diplomacy.

Requirements: Must be legitimized by Dynasty head.

Disputed Heritage Dynasty Trait

Rumors surround this character’s heritage, their origin is disputed. Disputed Heritage characters have -1 Diplomacy, -10 House Opinion.

Requirements: Illegitimate Child secret was exposed.

Reincarnation Dynasty Trait

While it is never confirmed but many say that this child is a Reincarnation of one of its ancestors. It is surely one of the best Dynasty traits in Crusader Traits. Reincarnation gets +1 Monthly Piety, +5 Same Faith Opinion.

Requirements: Faith must have the Reincarnation tenet, 4% chance at birth

Twin Dynasty Trait

As the name suggests, this character was born as one of the twins. Twin Dynasty gets +15 Twin Sibling Opinion.

Requirements: Have 2% chance at birth

Wild Oat Dynasty Trait

This child was born out of Wedlock in Crusader Kings 3. Wild Oats get -1 Diplomacy in the game. They aren’t the best characters to have but aren’t the worst as well. Its all up to you.

Requirements: Born outside marriage or concubinage, No Bastards Bastardry doctrine isn’t linked to faith.

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