A brand new feature in Crusader Kings 3 is the dynasties and houses. The feature adds more depth and makes the entire experience much more dynamic compared to Crusader Kings 2. In this guide, we will tell you all about Dynasty Legacies and Houses that are introduced in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 Dynasties and Houses – Best Dynasties, Cadet Branches Explained

So what are Dynasties and Houses in Crusader Kings? Well, you can consider them big clans that control the political environment in the newly released Crusader Kings 3. Every Dynasty you come across in the game has its own houses; each dynasty has at least one house to its name. If there are multiple houses to a dynasty than they are referred to as cadet branches in Crusader Kings 3, families that are part of the same tree. Your objective is to make sure your line services so you can keep playing as the heir to your dynasty in Crusader Kings 3.

Dynasty Legacies  Tiers 
  • Tier 1: +10% fertility (Bounteous Loins) 
  • Tier 2:  Better education traits for dynasty members (Studious Youth 
  • Tier 3: +10 spouse opinionfewer pregnancy complications (Constant Core) 
  • Tier 4: Close Bons +5 dynasty opinion, +30% personal scheme success chance against dynasty members 
  • Tier 5: Graceful Aging – No Prowess loss from ageincrease skills with age 
  • Tier 1: +2 prowess (House of Warriors)
  • Tier 2: -20% casus belli cost (Generational Brilliance)
  • Tier 3: +10% monthly martial experience(Squire Traditions)
  • Tier 4: +5 advantage (Inherited Tactics)
  • Tier 5: +1 max men-at-arms regiments, House Guard can be recruited 
  • Tier 1: +5 popular opinion to Mostly Fair 
  • Tier 2: +0.2 control growth/month (Faithful Magistrates) 
  • Tier 3: +10% monthly stewardship experience (Power and Prosperity) 
  • Tier 4: +5 powerful vassal opinion (Delegated Authority) 
  • Tier 5: +1 domain limit (Home Estates) 
  • Tier 1: +20% dread gain (Ominous Reputation)
  • Tier 2: +10 hostile scheme success (Long Reach)
  • Tier 3: +10% monthly intrigue experience (Natural Schemers)
  • Tier 4: -0.05 monthly tyranny (Venial)
  • Tier 5: More chance to avoid one murder against each dynasty member (Family Connections)
  • Tier 1: +30% chance of inheriting good congenital traits, +30% chance of goodnew congenital traits (Noble Veins) 
  • Tier 2: +30% chance of reinforcing congenital traits (Convergent Blood) 
  • Tier 3: 30% chance of inheriting bad congenital traits, -30% chance of new, bad congenital traits (Resilient Bloodline) 
  • Tier 4: Select a specific congenital trait to make in more common (Architected Ancestry) 
  • Tier 5: +5 years of like expectancy (Octogenarians) 
  • Tier 1: +30 marriage acceptance (Desirable Match) 
  • Tier 2: +10% monthly prestige (Renowned Name) 
  • Tier 3: +10% monthly diplomacy experience (Earning Respect) 
  • Tier 4: -20% short reign duration (Assertive Rulers) 
  • Tier 5: +10 general opinion (Righteousness) 
  • Tier 1: +10 courtier and guest opinion, 
  • Better guests will be attracted (Vibrant Court) 
  • Tier 2: +10% piety (Ordained Rulership) 
  • Tier 3: +10% monthly learning experience (Treasured Knowledge) 
  • Tier 4: +5 clergy opinion (True Believers) 
  • Tier 5: +10% progress and councilor skill impact on tasks (Bureaucrats) 

Within the Dynasty Mechanic of Crusader Kings 3, there is an element called “renown.” Your Dynasty will earn renown by the following methods:

  1. The number of living members
  2. The number of rulers who aren’t vassals of a dynasty member
  3. The number of dynasty members married to rulers

The leadership roles can be passed to other dynasty members including heads of cadet branches.

Cadet Branches

You can create a cadet branch anytime for free and earn 350 prestige. As the ruler of your dynasty, you can branch-off and create your own cadet branch via the decision panel in Crusader Kings 3. However, there are certain conditions you must meat first.

  1. You can not be third in line and/or near any title held by the house head
  2. Your ancestors can’t belong to the current house
  3. Your government has to allow cadet branches
  4. As a woman, you should be in a matrilineal marriage

If you are looking for the best dynasties that we think Architected Ancestry is the best dynasty for you. However, you can definitely play and experiment on your own.

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