The rulers and dynasty members of Crusader Kings 3 deal with a lot of stressful situations so they need coping mechanisms to remain sane. However, these coping mechanisms have their side effects and often end up destroying the mental state of the character if you don’t deal with the root cause of their stress. In this guide, we will discuss all coping mechanisms available in Crusader Kings 3.


Crusader Kings 3 Coping Mechanisms – Character Effects, AI Effects

There are 14 coping mechanisms in Crusader Kings 3. Coping mechanisms are traits that your character gets when it suffers from a mental break. This trait helps manage and often lose Stress and imparts negative effects. There are some coping mechanisms that only impart positive effects. Such effects that be acquired through the Whole Body Lifestyle in Crusader Kings 3.

Comfort Eater

This coping mechanism gives you +20% Stress Loss, -1 Stewardship to characters. Meanwhile, its AI effects include +5 Greed, -5 Energy. Characters using this coping mechanism indulge in comfort food.



Contrite are characters that suffer from guilt and feel compelled to confess. Characters with this trait experience +20% Stress Loss, -2 Intrigue. AI characters get +10 Compassion, +10 Honor, +10 Zeal, -10 Vengfulness.


Characters that use Drunkard are alcoholics. Drunkard gives them +20% Stress Loss, +10 Same Trait Opinion, -2 Stewardship, -2 Prowess, small health penalty. AI characters get -10 Rationality, -15 Energy.



Flagellant is a coping mechanism that gives characters +20 Stress Loss, -2 Prowess, and a moderate health penalty. AI characters get +25 Zeal, +10 Honor, +5 Boldness.


Hashishiyah gives characters +20% Stress Loss, +10 Same Trait Opinion, -2 Stewardship, -2 Learning. AI characters get -10 Vengfulness, -15 energy in Crusader King 3.



Improvident gives characters +1 Diplomacy, +20% Stress Loss, and -15 Monthly Income. AI characters get +10 Compassion, -10 Greed.


This trait is for those who suffer from loss of appetite and serious stress. Characters get +20% Stress Loss, -1 Diplomacy, and -3 Prowess. AI characters get -5 Greed and -10 Energy.


Irritable characters get +2 Prowess, +10% Dread Gain, +20% Stress Loss, -2 Diplomacy, -5 Atrraction. AI characters with Irritable get +10 Boldness, +10 Energy, +10 Vengefulness, -10 Compassion, -20 Rationality.


Profligate trait affects those who suffer from financial problems due to excessive spending. With Profligate the characters get +0.5 Monthly Prestige, +20% Stress Loss, -10% Monthly Income. AI characters get +10 Greed, -10 Compassion.


Sufferers of Rakish spend way too much time in the brothel. It is their second home in Crusader Kings 3. Characters get +20% Stress Loss, +5 Same Trait Opinion, +1 Intrigue, -1 Diplomacy, -5 Attraction Opinion. AI characters get +20 Sociability, +10 Greed, -10 Energy, -10 Honor, -10 Zeal.


Rakish sufferers get +20% Stress Loss, -2 Diplomacy, -1 Stewardship. AI characters get -10 Boldness, -10 Energy, -50 Sociability.


Athletic characters use exercise to deal with stress. Non-AI characters get +1 Prowess, +20% Stress Loss, and a small health boost. AI characters get +25 energy and +5 Boldness.


Confider trait characters are those who share their feelings and stress with friends and family. It helps them cope with stress. Confider gets +1 Diplomacy and +20% Stress Loss. AI characters get +20 Sociability and +10 Compassion.


Journaller used writing to deal with stress in an effective matter. Journaller characters get +1 Learning and +20% Stress Loss. AI characters get +10 Rationality.


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