Tosca in Amazon’s Crucible is all about always being on the move with the use of his blink and CC-ing enemies. He is also able to see through walls and prepare accordingly. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about how to play as Tosca, his abilities, and the best upgrades to get in Amazon’s Crucible.

Amazon’s Crucible Tosca

First of all, let us talk about abilities at Tosca’s disposal in the game.

Tosca Abilities

The following is an overview of all the abilities that Tosca has in Amazon’s Crucible:

Abilities Effects
Acid Shot Tosca fires an acid-imbued shot that damages enemies.
Adhesive Alpha Hurl an explosive that damages and slows down targets.
Blink A teleport that can cover small distance in the direction that Tosca is facing and is able to pass through obstacles.
Electro-Cloud A smoke-screen that impairs target’s vision and cuts off line of sight.
X-Ray Goggles You’re able to immediately detect all enemies within 50m of you.

Tosca Upgrades

In this section of the guide, we will walk you through all the upgrades that you can get for Tosca:

Upgrades Effects
Smuggler’s Compartment Tosca starts with 3x medkits and can store up to 5 in total.
Blink Booster Increases the distance covered by Blink.
Finish Them! Your melee attacks are converted into finishers against weakened targets.
Medical Mastery It takes less time to use a medkit.
Rappi-Shot Stabilizer Acid Shot gets +10% increased rate of fire and -20% decreased recoil.
Z-Ray Lenses X-Ray Goggles get increased range and cover all directions.
Alpha Spill Adhesive Alpha leaves behind an AoE field that slows and damages targets 25% for 2 seconds.
Multi-Charged Blinkvest You are able to use Blink more often.
Explosive Teleport Blinking leaves behind a bomb that blinds enemies caught in it for a second.
Isochronal Cloud Increases the number of Electro-Cloud bombs and reduces cooldown.

These are all the upgrades that you can use for Tosca in Amazon’s Crucible. Now let us talk about some of the best upgrades that you can use in the game. Please note that these are our recommendations and you should always go for what you think works the best for you.

  • Level 1: Smuggler’s Compartment, Blink Booster, Finish Them!
  • Level 2: Medical Mastery
  • Level 3: Rappi-Shot Stabilizer, Z-Ray Lenses, Alpha Spill
  • Level 4: Multi-Charged Blinkvest
  • Level 5: Explosive Teleport or Isochronal Cloud

This is all we have got in our Amazon’s Crucible Tosca Hunter guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Crucible wiki guides.

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