If you like hunters who are quick to move around and like to get in the face of enemies, Sharkirri is the best one to main. Equipped with a sword and a pistol, Shakirri is all about close-range engagements. In this guide, we will walk you through all you need to know about playing as Shakirri in Amazon’s Crucible.


Amazon’s Crucible Shakirri

Shakirri in the game has a few more abilities than others. These abilities rely on buffing her sword damage and ensuring that she deflects incoming attacks.

Shakirri Abilities

The following is an overview of all the abilities that Shakirri has in Amazon’s Crucible:

Abilities Effects
Aim Pistol Improves weapon accuracy.
Disrupting Strike An energy wave that disrupts targets.
Fire Pistol Standard pistol fire.
Force Dome You are able to create a barrier that blocks incoming fire and prevents targets from passing through it.
Holo-Shield You deploy a shield that deflects incoming fire and blocks melee attacks.
Swing You are able to swing with your sword.
Weapon Swap You are able to switch between your pistol and sword.

Shakirri Upgrades

In this section of the guide, we will walk you through all the upgrades that you can get for Shakirri:

Upgrades Effects
Extended Lunge Sword slashes gain +25% range.
Starlock Capacitator Increases pistol ammo to 8 shots from 6.
Noble Shield Increases the radius of Holo-Shield.
Empowered Deflect Deflected shots deal +50% increased damage to targets.
Synergistic Blade Swords gain +3% increased damage for each remaining pistol shot.
Freezelock Pistol Successfully landing pistol shots slow targets by 10% for 1.5 seconds. The slow effect cannot exceed 30%.
Healthy Gambit When your HP is above 70%, you gain 15% cooldown reduction.
Force Dome Overcharge Force Dome gains +50% HP and duration.
Strike to the Heart You deal +1500 Disrupting Strikes damage for 180 seconds.
Restorative Dome Force Dome heals your allies and you.


These are all the ability upgrades that Shakirri can unlock in Amazon’s Crucible. Now let us take a look at the best upgrades that you should getting first. Please note that these are our recommendations and you should always go for what you think works the best for you.

  • Level 1: Extended Lunge, Starlock Capacitator, Noble Shield
  • Level 2: Empowered Deflect
  • Level 3: Synergistis Blade, Freezelock Pistol, Healthy Gambit
  • Level 4: Force Dome Overcharge
  • Level 5: Strike to the Heart, Restorative Dome

This is all we have got in our Amazon’s Crucible Shakirri Hunter guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Crucible wiki guides.


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