A human/robot, Sazan in Amazon’s Crucible is an ex-Unity soldier who is more than well-equipped with different tools to get the job done. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about playing as Sazan, her abilities, and the best upgrades to use in the game.

Amazon’s Crucible Sazan Hunter

Sazan in Crucible is equipped with an Electroknife, a Shotgun, and an Inertia Gun. She is capable of self-sustain and can also CC her targets. Sazan is also equipped with a Dash which is an excellent escape tool.

Another massive part of her kit is her ability to swap weapons in order to gain different benefits. Let us start with Sazan’s abilities:

Sazan Abilities

The following is an overview of all the abilities at Sazan’s disposal in Amazon’s Crucible:

Abilities Effects
Throw Electroknife A throwing knife that deals 30 damage on impact and deals 210 damage over time.
Shotgun A shotgun blast that deals 9 damage per pellet.
Inertia Gun A mid-ranged, low damage weapon that slows enemies down.
Jet-Dash Sazan dashes in the direction she is moving.

Ability Upgrades

In this section of the guide, we have a complete overview of all the ability upgrades for Sazan in Crucible:

Abilities Effects
Stalker’s Knife Electroknife tracks targets within 25m range.
Restorative Charge Swapping weapons heals you for 20 HP.
Taking Cover Using a medkit cloaks you for 5 seconds.
Fully Engaged Swapping weapons provides Sazan with different passive abilities. These abilities include cloak, increased movement speed, and shield.
Capacitor Overflow Swapping weapons provides you with +6% damage increase for 10 seconds.
Full Blast Shot Increases accuracy of Sazan’s shotgun.
Cut and Run Targets that Sazan touches while dashes receive 60 damage on impact and 40 damage over time for 4 seconds.
Go the Extra Mile Sazan acquires an additional dash.
Upping the Voltage All the weapons acquire additional +33% energy. Electroknife gains +33% damage instead.
Disruptor Charge Inertia Gun silences targets for 0.5 second.

This is all we have got in our Amazon’s Crucible Sazan Hunter Guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Crucible wiki guides.

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