Crown Trick players will find high-end monsters called the Familiars at multiple locations. These elite monsters will give you different types of spells, skills, and abilities to use in Crown Trick. What the Familiars have to offers is crucial for your upgrades and progression. Here’s is everything you need to know about Familiar spells and skills in Crown Trick.

Crown Trick Best Familiar Monster Spells and Skills To Get

Familiars don’t get just give you the spells and skills, you need to fight them. Familiars are a type of boss in Crown Trick and just like others, these monsters have an HP threshold as well which you can bring down to recharge Blink and HP. Takedown a Familiars and you can add it to your pool. You can equip two Familiars at a time by interacting with the crystal in the Familiar room.

The crystal you find on each run allows you to pick from three Familiars. Available monsters are random and are based on the ones who already defeated. The following are the Familiars and their spells, skills, and abilities.


  • Fireblast: Does 85 fire damage withing 3 tiles in a straight line.
  • Potent Explosive Barrel: Deploy an explosive barrel that does 145 lava damage.


  • Missle Guard: Summon a minion
  • Fire Shield: Summon 40HP shield around yourself and missions.


  • Backstep Strike: Shoot a boomerang while moving 2 tiles back. Boomerang does 50 wind damage.
  • Swallow Flip: 4 Attack on targets within 2 tiles, each attack does 17 physical damage.


  • Lightning Orb: Summon lighting that does 60 electric damage to 1 enemy.
  • Gravitation Field: Bring enemies within the 5×5 area to the center of effect and stuns.

King Octo

  • Poison Meteor: Shoot poison in a 4-tile line that does 85 poison damage and spawns poison tiles.
  • Deceptive Poison Wave: Does 70 poison damage to enemies within 5×3 AoE.


  • Chaos Nightmare: Create an AoE that does 120 random damage and gives elemental buff.
  • Glacial Barrier: Create a 5-tile ice wall that blocks targets; wall melts that 145 damage to nearby enemies.


  • Charged Zap: Does 85 electrical damage in front and gives a chance to paralyze. Use Twice to upgrade to Super Energized.
  • Earthshattering Strike: Electrocute 5×5 area that does 61 electrical damage.

Crystallized Frost

  • Ice Bolt: Deploy icicle in a straight line up to 4 tiles to deal 84 damage to the first enemy.
  • Cage of Eternal Frost: Target is fitted with an ice cage that triggers in 3 turns.


  • Breaking Thurst: Knock and stun enemies on 3×3 area.
  • Wild Brambles: Spawn poison vines in a 3×3 area that stuns enemies.

Reaper of Pumpkins

  • Terra Whirlwind: Do earth damage by summoning an earthquake.
  • Triumphant Charge: Charge the target up to 4 tiles away and do 17 physical damage.

Primordial Water Spirit

  • Bubble: Create a bubble trap every 2 turns. Bubbles make the enemies drenched and also have a stun effect.
  • Water Dragon: Summon a water dragon that does 85 water damage.

Ghastly Sharpshooter

  • Souleater Arrow: Shoot an arrow to hit every target for 85 wind damage. Each killed target gives a 10% skill boost.
  • Element Coalescing: Do 85 win damage to 7 tiles in front. Convert ground effects and do 85 elemental damage.

Mad Pharmacist

  • Venomous Bite: Create poison-filled three horizontal tiles under enemies within 5×5.
  • Poison Detonation: 4 stacks of poison and plague on the enemy. When the target dies poison is applied to targets in nearby tiles.

Demon Lord

  • Demonic Stance: +20% normal attack damage and do 10 fire damage within 3×3.
  • The Arrival: Teleport yourself to the target location.


  • Straight and True: Be invincible on the turn you use this skill.
  • Half-moon Slash: Do 70 wind damage within an AoE.

Hellish Boxer

  • One Hundred Strikes: 6 horizontal tiles with targets are punched in front, do 42 lava damage each time.
  • Stance Change: Go back 1 tile and reset the cooldown for all skills. Increase skill power for the next skill.

And these were all the Crown Trick spells, skills, and abilities.

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