Craftopia Wheat Guide: How To Craft Wheat And Wheat Flour

Craftopia Wheat

Wheat is one of the resources in Craftopia that you will need to craft if you want to progress the game. In this Craftopia guide, we are going to cover how you can craft Wheat and Flour by using Wheat Fields.

How To Craft Wheat And Flour In Craftopia Using Wheat Fields

Before you can go ahead and craft Wheat in the game you need to craft Wheat Field. You can do this from a Workbench. Once you have done that you need to water the Wheat. So you will need to head out and get some water for your field. To do that you need to craft a bucket and get some water from any source.

Once you have done that head back to your field and water the wheat field. After that, you need to wait for Wheat to grow. Once the Wheat has grown, you can harvest it. Once you have done that you will need to craft a cooking pot.

You can do that from the workbench. If you already have one then you can skip that. To craft a cooking pot, you need 6 stone and 6 charcoal. Both these resources are pretty easy to get. You can easily get both of these resources in the open world.

Cook your Wheat in the cooking pot and you will craft the Wheat Flour. This is how you can craft Wheat and Wheat Flour in Craftopia. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you check out our guide on how you can catch fish.

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