Craftopia Crafting Recipes Guide – Basic and Advanced Crafting Recipes

Craftopia crafting recipes

The name of the game is Craftopia so of course, there are a ton crafting recipes. Using various crafting recipes you can craft weapons, tools, workbench, and more. As you progress in the game you will unlock even more crafting recipes in Craftopia. In this guide, we will give you all the crafting recipes found in the game as well as crafting materials required to craft items and tools.

All Craftopia Crafting Recipes and Crafting Materials List

While there are many crafting recipes in the game, the first thing you should craft is the Workbench. The Work Bench allows you to craft even more items and it seems you can use the Stone Workbench to upgrade tools, weapons, and sub-weapons.

Stone Workbench

To craft the Stone Workbench you need 10 Stone and 10 Wooden Logs. When you use the working bench you will be able to craft even more things.

Wooden Stick

A Wooden Stick is the weapon of the weak. It has very low damage but can be easily crafted. To craft a Wooden Stick you 5 logs of wood.

Stone Pickaxe

This is a pickaxe made of stone in Craftopia. Stone is one of the easily available resources in Craftopia. However, if you use it too often and with full force, it can break. To craft the Stone pickaxe you need 3 Stone.

Wooden Axe

The Wooden Pickaxe is quite breakable but done gets the job done. To craft a Wooden Pickaxe you only 3 wooden logs.

Two-Hand Torch

To access the darker areas of the game you will need a torch. To craft a Two-Handed torch you need 2 Straw and 3 Wooden logs.

Alter of Civilization

Alter of Civilization is your key to progressing time and unlocking new crafting recipes in Craftopia. As civilization progresses, you will be able to unlock more recipes in Craftopia, and Alter of Civilization is how you do it. To craft the Alter you need 10 Stone and 10 Wooden logs.

Vertical Wall

A vertical wall is used to create buildings and structures in Craftopia. To craft the vertical wall you need 10 Wooden logs.

Horizontal Wall

The horizontal wall is used to create buildings and other structures in the game. To craft the horizontal wall you need 10 Wooden logs.

Diagonal Wall

The diagonal wall is used to create buildings and other structures in Craftopia. To craft the Diagonal Wall you need 10 Wooden logs.

Stone Glider

Stone Glider is powered by the wind and helps you fly. The crafting materials needed to craft the Stone Glider are 6 Stone and 8 Wooden logs.

Stone Campfire

Eating raw food in Craftopia can have its side effects. You need to cook food in order to safely consume it. To cook the food you craft a Stone Campfire using 5 Stone and 2 Wooden logs.


You can actually sell the things you don’t need to make some money or clear out some space in your inventory. You need 10 Stone and 10 Wooden Logs to craft a market in Craftopia.

Battery Generator (Small)

Crafting batteries in Craftopia is done through the Generator. It is a machine the produces batteries so you can power your devices. Generators convert rotational energy into electronic. There is a batteries farming method that we already covered in a different guide. To craft a small Battery Generator you need 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Cogwheel, and 5 Wooden Logs.

Monster Prism

Monster Prism is the only way you can power the battery generator. Well, only if you want to animals to power your generators. Monster Prism is like Pokeball that captures animals. You simply through it at the animal to capture them and then release them inside the generator. To craft a Monster Prism you need 3 Iron Ingot and 2 Sand.


One of the hardest resources to get in Craftopia is leather. However, it is also among the most useful resources in the game. Leather is used to craft tools and outfits. Leather is obtained from bears. You can kill a bear to get 5x leather. Dungeon enemies also drop 1x leather.


Charcoal in the game is mostly used to cook food. To craft charcoal, you need to take wooden logs over to the stone campfire and place them for crafting.

This guide is a work in progress, there are hundreds of crafting recipes in Craftopia. We will keep updating the crafting guide as we progress further into different ages.

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