As you progress through A Plague Tale: Requiem you will get your hands on new tools that will help you deal with rats and soldiers. Ignifer is one of these tools. It is the first alchemical ammo that you learn to craft and is very important. It is used to spark fires and comes in handy in not only battle but when solving puzzles as well. In this Plague Tale: Requiem guide, we go over how you can craft Ignifer.

Crafting Ignifer In A Plague Tale: Requiem

You will first learn about crafting Ignifer in chapter 2 of the game for the lift puzzle. Crafting it is pretty easy as you only need a single unit of alcohol and sulfur. You can combine the two to make Ignifer. You can find the needed material in chests as you progress through the game. You will get plenty of resources as long as you explore a bit and keep an eye on what is around you.

Ignifer Plague Tale: Requiem

Ignifer is used to light things on fire and you first use it to light up a brazier but you can use it on enemies to stun them as well. You can upgrade the ammo type so that it kills enemies too rather than just stunning them. The most important use case is lighting tar on fire. This can be used to kill enemies but it is most useful to keep you protected from rats.

This is how you can craft and use Ignifer in A Plague Tale: Requiem. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the crossbow. You can also check out our guide on which gear you should upgrade first.

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