The Best Couple Video Games To Play With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Couple Video Games

The couples of this day and age do have a bit of trouble agreeing on what to do sometimes. While my girlfriend is perfectly fine watching me play Sekiro while I watch her draw and paint, sometimes we both want to be involved. I tend to draw with her sometimes and she games with me other times. While I can’t help with the former, here’s what I can tell you about the latter. These are the best couple video games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

6 Best Couple Video Games You Should Play Together

Battleblock Theater

While I prefer the Castle Crashers game from Behemoth, don’t play that with your significant other. I almost got strangled for making out with the princess in front of her. Instead, play Battleblock Theater. The side-scrolling puzzle-solving co-op game with fun cartoony characters and villainous cat overlords.

What’s not to like, including the presence of Youtuber Will Stamper as the game’s narrator. The requirement of cooperation and cohesion in this brain-teasing platforming adventure is perfect to get your synergy high.


The classic cartoon-styled 2D bullet hell did catch my artist’s attention really well. The game was also a bundle of fun to play with anyone close, really. Why not make it a significant other? My favorite part about the game is that after beating an extremely tough boss, you both truly feel like you conquered hell together.

An achievement that not many games manage to replicate as well as this one. The game is also gonna take a long time to complete unless you two are REALLY good.

We Were Here

We were here is a cooperative puzzle-solving game but not your average side scroller. Instead, it’s a first-person game where one player takes the role of the librarian while another, the explorer.

This game completely relies on communication and coordination since the librarian has to explain the solutions of the puzzles to the explorer. The perfect game to build more trust and cohesion with your loved one. Either that or a lot of frustration.

Tekken 7

Say you wanna go for a more competitive nature instead of the same old cooperative vibe. Tekken 7 is at a peak height of popularity right now and is a great title to start off. Especially because I find the learning curve of Tekken to be longer but also easier to adapt to than other fighting games.

Plus hey, the intensity of the matches could lead to a build-up of rage which could then result in certain…activities.

Payday 2

Don’t let the violent nature of this game fool you. Robbing a bank or holding up a jewelry store with your loved one is an exhilarating experience. The criminal nature of what you’re doing is already a tasty dose of foreplay for you love birds. But then on top of that, the two of you have to really carry each other to victory throughout the heist.

Don’t forget the thrill of success and the enormous paycheck afterwards either. Great game to pick-up as long as you don’t actually turn into Bonny and Clyde afterward.


Having a huge, blocky, open-world with your loved one for you and them to endlessly create and scavenge in is surprisingly therapeutic. My playthrough of it also made me realize and prepare me for how moving in together would actually be like surprisingly enough.

Definitely a good game to pick up if you want a very relaxing time in the soothing Minecraft world.

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