If you’re looking to craft potent armor in V Rising, the Hollowfang Battlegear is one of the most formidable mid-game armors. However, its crafting process requires Cotton Yarn – a resource not easily acquired by aimless exploration. In this comprehensive guide, I will show you exactly how to get your hands on Cotton Yarn in V Rising. From farming and crafting it yourself, obtain the material you need quickly and easily.

How To Get and Farm Cotton in V Rising

If you want to craft Cotton Yarn, then you must acquire the cotton. To do this, head to Dunley Farmlands and harvest cotton from any six farms scattered around the region. For ease of access, I recommend sourcing from three of those on the eastern side – they’re close by and have Waygates and Cave Passages nearby for convenient traveling.

The Cotton Farmers have devised an innovative strategy to protect themselves – garlic! Every clove increases the damage taken by 1%, and up to 100 cloves can be accumulated for ultimate fortification. Therefore, you must come prepared with Garlic Resistance Potions or Garlic Fever Antidotes crafted from an Alchemy Table. Bring your Sword/Slashers and Worker Blood Type to maximize your production yield.

Farm Cotton and Get Cotton Seeds

If you want to farm Cotton, opt for a suitable area inside the walls of your Castle. But be warned – obtaining cotton seeds can prove challenging; luckily, they are often found in barrels and crates near Cotton Farms. So instead, bring the seeds back to your Castle and plant them on any unoccupied plot by inserting their designated key into its slot. You can plant these seeds in ordinary soil or grass, but to begin planting them on Garden Floors, you’ll need to unlock the feature by defeating Polora the Feywalker.

How To Craft Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Once you’ve collected enough cotton, travel to the south side of Dawnbreak Village in Dunley Farmlands and challenge Beatrice the Tailor. To win this battle, quickly target her tail with constant strikes until she is defeated – but be mindful that other enemies will join in on your fight too! Take them down before attacking Beatrice; otherwise, you may be stuck in a losing situation. As the fight ends, you will unlock Loom and Cotton Yarn recipes. To build a loom, the items below are necessary:

  • 20x Planks
  • 12x Copper Ingots
  • 4x Wool Threads

How to Farm Cotton Yarn Video Tutorial

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With the Loom, you can transform twenty pieces of cotton into Cotton Yarn. To maximize efficiency and decrease consumption by 25%, ensure it is stored on a Tailor’s Floor, containing the resources to achieve this reduction.

Following these steps, you should easily acquire all the necessary components for crafting cotton yarn in V Rising.

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