With the launch of AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs and AM5 socket motherboards around the corner, Corsair has posted benchmarks for the Corsair MP700 PCIe Gen5 SSDs. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming PCIe Gen5 SSD.

Corsair MP700 PCIe Gen5 SSDs For AMD AM5 Read And Write Speeds

According to the official Corsair website “CORSAIR MP700 Gen5 PCIe x4 NVMe 2.0 M.2 SSD, providing up to 10,000MB/sec sequential read and 9,500MB/sec sequential write speeds depending on the model”. At the time of writing the upcoming SSD model is not listed for pre-order or purchase so we do not know how much it is going to cost but we should get more information as we get closer to the launch of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series.

Corsair MP700 Gen5 SSDs

Corsair has posted a benchmark for the CORSAIR MP700 Gen5 PCIe x4 NVMe 2.0 M.2 SSD which shows how it comes to other storage solutions and you can check out the comparative speeds below:

The official website does say that the speeds depend on the model and the term “up to” always turns me off. So do take these numbers with a grain of salt and wait for the AM5 platform to release and see how well these drives actually perform before spending your money on Gen5 SSDs.

Since the AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs were announced and Lisa Su mentioned that the upcoming X670E and X670 motherboards would support PCIe Gen5 graphics cards and storage, people wondered how quickly PCIe Gen5 storage solutions would be available to take advantage of the platform feature. It seems that enthusiasts will not have to wait at all and these storage devices should be available alongside the launch of the AMD AM5 socket motherboards.

Let us know what you think about these Corsair MP700 Gen5 SSDs performance numbers and whether or not you are interested in upgrading.

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