Corruption 2029 is pretty much a new XCOM game and for those who just picked it up, we have some helpful starter tips to get them started on the right track. The tactical strategy game is from the creator of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Corruption 2029 Combat Tips

Silent weapons are going to be your friends on Corruption 2029. Silent weapons are used when you are sneaking around to take down isolated enemies. This will be a very helpful move as it may not alert nearby enemies to start an all-out brawl. There is a catch though, you must make sure the Silent weapon you are using should have enough damage to kill the enemy. A wounded enemy will survive and alert others and well, that won’t end well for either of the parties.

Understand the Keys

  • Use the F button to re-group or split up the party
  • Press Tab to change your leader
  • Use left click to hide the group
  • Press (green) left click to sprint (it’ll end turn for the player)

Find Medkits

The most helpful element of Corruption 2029 and probably the obvious one of the tips guide is the fact that you should find and use Medkits. These items are found in the Combat Zone and you can, in fact, use them during combat to heal yourself. It is important all of your party is stocked up on Medkits so you won’t end up dead in a ditch somewhere in the year 2029. You can use Medkits outside of combat in the Loadout screen.

To heal during combat when a Unit takes too much damage it can end up end from the game’s Bleedout effect. Move closer to the Unit and use a Medkit to save your Unit within the available turns. That’s pretty much all you need to know to get started in Corruption 2029 so we hope these combat tips help you out.

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