Coral Island, a charming farming simulation game by Stairway Games, features a vibrant cast of villagers with whom players can form friendships and romantic relationships. One of the key aspects of deepening these relationships is through gifting. Understanding each villager’s preferences is crucial for maximizing your connections and unlocking unique events. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect gifts for every villager in Coral Island.


While each villager has their unique likes and dislikes, there are a few items that are almost universally loved by the residents of Coral Island, with minimal exceptions:

  • Black Rose: Loved by everyone except Noah.
  • Pink Diamond: Loved by everyone except Jim.
  • Rainbow Wool: Adored by most villagers.

To give a gift, select the item in your hot bar and right-click on the character. Remember, you cannot gift items directly from your inventory; they must be in the hot bar first.

It’s important to note that there are universal dislikes, which should be avoided as gifts. These include items like Artifacts, Bait, Building materials, Failed dishes, Fossils, Seeds, and Trash. Gifting impacts the Heart Gauge, which measures the level of friendship and love with each NPC. Filling up this gauge not only strengthens your relationship but also unlocks unique friendship-only events

  • Listen to Villagers: Often, villagers will express their likes and dislikes during conversations. Pay attention to these cues for hints on the best gifts​​.
  • Attend Events: Participating in events and interacting with villagers is another way to increase your bond with them.

Best Gifts For Each Villager

In “Coral Island,” building relationships with villagers is a key aspect of the game. Gifting the right items can significantly boost these relationships. Below is a comprehensive table of each villager’s favorite gifts, ensuring you always present the perfect item:

AaliyahChocolate chip muffins, Large Gesha coffee, Eggplant lasagna, Strawberry, Hummus, Gesha coffee, White hibiscusCoffee, Aged coffee, hibiscus, bamboo shoot, plumArtichoke kimchi, scrambled eggs, brussels sprouts
AliceGreen smoothie, white truffle oil, black truffle oil, almond oil, olive oil, minced jackfruit pie, purple dye, blue dye, green dye, yellow dye, red dyeAll bottled kelps, violet, pizza, all fish, all metal bars
AnneHummus, artichoke kimchi, fruit juice, sunflower, green tea, carrot, fried tempehSprinkler I, Sprinkler II
AntonioSerabi, coffee
ArchieBasil pesto pasta, burrito, ice cream, fish taco, pumpkin, stone, all gems, all metal ores, all mineralsAll eggs, all bugsAll eggs, all bugsSprinkler I, Sprinkler II, beer, apple wine, sake, kombucha
BenAll mushrooms, banana, green teavegan tacoAll milk, all eggs, yogurt, mayonnaise, eggplant lasagna, omurice, sunny-side up eggs, cheese, clam chowder, fish taco, seafood ramen, sushi, sashimi, honeyAll milk, all eggs, yogurt, mayonnaise, eggplant lasagna, omurice, sunny-side up eggs, cheese, clam chowder, fish taco, seafood ramen, sushi, sashimi, honey, Metal ores
BettyCauliflower, red velvet cake, green tea, daffodilMilk, eggsMushrooms
BreeJackfruit, fish taco, vegan tacoBasilMilk, eggsViolet, tortilla, breed
ChaemPizza, seafood ramen, veggie ramen, basil pesto pasta, gnocchiFish
CharlesBurrito, falafel, diamond, cookies, strawberry, blueberryFlowers, milk
ChieftanGems, durian, rambutan, snake fruitMushroomsSeedsBattery
ConnorPineapple upside-down cake, Bok choy, sake, white truffle oilMilkMushroomsSquid, banana, garlic
Dinda Fresh salad, melon, flower bouquet, pearlMilkAvocado, Mayonnaise, Ice Cream
DippaHawaiian pizza, radish, beet, morel, jam, hash brownsSugarcane, cucumber, corn, basil, tea leafViolet, tomato, wine, beer, sake
EleanorSpicebush swallowtail butterfly, Birdwing butterfly, Pipevine swallowtail butterfly, Firefly, Puss moth, Lychee, Green teaAll bugs, all fish
EmilyAssorted grilled platter, sauteed chard, almond oil, olive oilOrchid, IrisMushroomsWheat flour, canola oil
EmmaPumpkin, hot cocoa, coffee, fish taco, vegan taco, pineapple upside-down cake, shells, green tea, cotton cloth
ErikaPepper and mushroom flatbread, cane nectar, iris, jam, red curryYogurt, fresh salad, violet, sushi, sashimi
EvaCookies, red velvet cake, peony, orchid, diamondTurnip, cucumber, artichoke, hot pepper, tomato, bell pepper, pumpkinMushrooms, all other vegetablesSweet potato, taro root, garlic, potato
FrankAvocado, sunny-side-up eggs, hot pepper, bell pepper, pancakes, fruit juice EggsYogurt, durian
GrogOkra, durian, diamond, jackfruitGeodes, pearlBugs, seedsBattery, bombs
GongStarfruit, durian, shells, mangosteenAnimal productsAll seedsBattery, bombs, alcohol
GrooCoffee, sugarcane, durian, quail eggGreen tea, honey, meadSeedsBattery, bombs, alcohol
GiuCoffeeGreen tea, honeySeedsBattery, bombsAlcohol
JackArtichoke, lettuce, kimchi, fruit tartMushroomsAll beat scavengables 
JimSashimi, sushi, seafood ramen, wasabi, shiitakeAll other mushroomsPink diamond, beer, wine, sake, kombucha
JokoPineapple, sauteed chard, edamame, banana fritter, coffee, fried rice, yogurtMilkMayonnaise, bamboo shoot, squid, fish taco, seafood ramen, grilled fish, smoked salmon, fish soup, fish sandwich, sushi, sashimi
KennyKombucha, vegan taco, hashbrowns, lychee, soybean, green tea, roasted almondsAll mushroomsClam chowder, fish taco, seafood ramen, sushi, sashimiEggplant Lasagna, all eggs, omurice, sunny-side-up eggs, cheese, all milk
KiraFlower bouquet, orchid, osmium bar Violet, tortilla, cotton
LeahPearl, hot cocoa, smoothie, silver bar, osmium bar Lettuce, tomato, beet, flower bouquetMushrooms, fruits, eggs, milk, vegetablesCoffee, bronze bar, gold bar, bottled kelps, fish, taro root
LilyPancakes, spring frittata, kimchi, onigiri, taro root, omurice Almond, coconut, mango, bananaEggs, fruitsDiamond, pearl, gold bar, osmium bar, silver bar
LingSpring frittata, silver kelpAll bottled kelpsApple pie, almond, garlic, cotton
Luke Butter croissant, tomato soup, stew, wine, ratatouille, eggplant lasagnaMinerals, beach scavengables, freid rice, hashbrowns
MacyPizza, wine, rose quartz, blue quartz, fruit tart, guacamoleVegetables, beach scavengablesFruitsPickled items, metal bars, bottled kelps
MarkShiitake, tomato soup, hot cocoa, egg custardMorel, donut, smoked salmon, sardine, beer, sweet potato, honeyHot pepper, goat cheese
MillieSugarcane, veggie ramen, seafood ramen, stew, assorted grilled platter, melon, oliveFish
NinaYogurt, flower bouquet, banana fritterBanana, tomato soup, tomato
NoahSushi, roasted mushroom, gnocchi, durian, clam chowder, sunny-side-up eggsOkra, mushroomsYogurt, all metal bars
OliverBasil pesto pasta, smoked salmon, ice cream, seafood ramenYellowtail, salmon, crabMushroomsEggplant lasagna, red curry, green curry, bell pepper, hot pepper, spicy sauerkraut, beer, apple wine, sake, kombucha
PabloPumpkin pie, sweet potato poutine, cauliflower casserole, fried rice, pickled items, pizzaFruits, gems, vegetablesMushroomsDurian, kombucha
PaulHummus, strawberry, jam, chestnutFish
RafaelOnyx, sashimi, fruit juiceMushroomsEggs, fresh salad
RajTea leaf, coffee bean, coffee, Gesha coffee bean, Gesha coffee, green tea, apple pie, donutCenilVegetables Jamu
RandyCoffee, wine, apple, lobsterMilk, Hawaiian pizza, clam shell, fish
SamBlackberry, fruit start, fruit juice, black truffle, white truffle, jackfruit, cactusPotato, turnipShells, lobsters, crabs, crayfish
ScottEgg custard, red king arowana, giant stingray, yellow moray eels, geodes, falafel, mayonnaiseTea leaf, amaranth, okra, turnip FishVegetablesTulip, violet
SukiDiamond, pearl, green smoothie, minced jackfruit pieMushroomsRed velvet cake, pineapple upside-down cake, bottled kelps, violet, pizza, Hawaiian pizza, fish, all metal bars
SunnyRoasted MushroomEggsJuices, jams
SuryaMelon, herbed tempeh, wild mushroom polenta, pufferfish, lodehAll bottled kelpsMilks
TheoRed king arowana, yellow moray eel, green sawfish, giant stingray, monkfish, octopus, fish taco, whole coconut drink, juiceAll other fishGoat cheeseWine, milk, beer, sake, peony, almond, black truffle, white truffle
ValentinaBasil pesto pasta, fish taco, pumpkin pie, starfruit, red curry, green curryMilkEdamame, beer, apple wine, sake, kombucha
WakuuSalmon, vegan taco, cenil, mango, chocolate chip muffinsCorn on the cob, cookiesStarfruit, green smoothie, slimy okra
WalterSweet potato, sake, carrot, roasted almondsMilks, eggsMushroomsDiamond, banana, lychee
WataruMandarin, catfish, blach phantom ghost fish, rainbow fish, pufferfish, angelfishBrown trout, zebra fish, pink snapper, mackerel, salmonVegan taco, veggie ramen, Hawaiian pizza, mooncake, ice cream
Yuri Frogfish, Lobster, Chocolate chip muffins, Fish sandwich, Spicy sauerkraut, Green curry, Red curryCocoa beans, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cactus, GarlicAll flowers, Flower bouquet, Coffee bean, all bottled kelps, all metal bars, Tea Leaf
ZarahHummus, rambutan, azurite, serpentine, grilled fishFlower bouquetRoasted almonds, roasted chestnuts
ZoeCookies, ice cream, fruit juiceHummus, milk, eggsLettuce, cucumberBeer, apple wine, sake, kombucha


Q: What is the significance of gifting in Coral Island? A: Gifting is crucial for deepening relationships with villagers in Coral Island, impacting the Heart Gauge that measures friendship and love, and unlocking unique events.

Q: Are there any universally loved gifts in Coral Island? A: Yes, universally loved gifts include Black Rose (except for Noah), Pink Diamond (except for Jim), and Rainbow Wool (adored by most villagers)​.

Q: What items should be avoided as gifts in Coral Island? A: Avoid gifting Artifacts, Bait, Building materials, Failed dishes, Fossils, Seeds, and Trash, as these are universally dislike.

Q: How can I learn about a villager’s likes and dislikes in Coral Island? A: Listen to villagers’ conversations for hints and attend events to interact and learn about their preferences.

Q: Can you give an example of a villager’s favorite gifts in Coral Island? A: For Aaliyah, loved gifts include Chocolate chip muffins and Large Gesha coffee; liked gifts include Strawberry and Hummus.