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Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Peppermint Cookie Toppings Build


In Cookie Run Kingdom the art of toppings build is designed for maximizing your characters’ potential. Peppermint Cookie, a prominent character in the game, is no exception. In this guide, I will take you through the process of crafting the best Peppermint Cookie toppings build in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Peppermint Cookie is a valuable team member in “Cookie Run Kingdom” with a unique skill set. However, they are also known for having a long skill cooldown time, about 17 seconds. To effectively utilize Peppermint Cookie, understanding and mitigating this cooldown is crucial​​​​.

The consensus among players and experts is that the best toppings build for Peppermint Cookie revolves around two key types:

  1. Swift Chocolate Toppings: These toppings are essential in reducing the skill cooldown time. By equipping Peppermint Cookie with x5 Swift Chocolate Toppings, you can decrease the default 17-second cooldown, allowing the character to unleash their skills more swiftly and frequently during battles​​​​.
  2. Solid Almond Toppings: These toppings provide damage resistance, which is a secondary priority but still crucial for enhancing Peppermint Cookie’s survivability in combat. Solid Almond toppings enhance the character’s durability, enabling them to withstand more damage during encounters​​​​.

Building the Best Toppings Setup

When equipping Peppermint Cookie with toppings, prioritize Swift Chocolate for cooldown reduction. After that, consider adding Solid Almond toppings for damage resistance. This combination ensures a balance between frequently using skills and sustaining durability in battles.

  • Swift Chocolate Toppings: Equip 5 to get a cooldown bonus of +5% at Level 6.
  • Solid Almond Toppings: Equip 5 to get a damage resistance bonus of +5% at Level 6​​.

The effectiveness of these toppings can be further enhanced through upgrades. The current level of the toppings determines the likelihood of a successful upgrade. Therefore, consistently upgrading your toppings is key to maximizing Peppermint Cookie’s potential in the game.

When upgrading your Peppermint Cookie’s toppings, it’s essential to be aware of the success rates and costs associated with each level. Below is a table that outlines the number of topping pieces and coins required for each level, along with the percentage chance of a successful upgrade.

LevelTopping PiecesCoins% Success

Best Treasures For Peppermint Cookie

Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom play a vital role in bolstering a Cookie’s abilities and overall team performance. For Peppermint Cookie, choosing the right treasures can greatly enhance their effectiveness in battle. Here’s are the best treasures that complement Peppermint Cookie’s skill set and playstyle.

  1. Squishy Jelly Watch: This treasure is crucial for any support Cookie that relies on skill usage. The Squishy Jelly Watch reduces the cooldown of skills, allowing Peppermint Cookie to use their abilities more frequently, which is essential given their naturally long cooldown.
  2. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll: The Old Pilgrim’s Scroll is excellent for increasing the overall damage output of the team. For Peppermint Cookie, who thrives in a support role, amplifying the team’s damage can indirectly boost their utility on the field.
  3. Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather: This treasure can provide a speed boost to the team, which not only helps in dodging enemy attacks but also synergizes well with Peppermint Cookie’s role by helping them deliver support more swiftly across the battlefield.

To harness the full potential of Peppermint Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, pairing them with a team that complements their skills is the way to go. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best teammates for Peppermint Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Vampire Cookie: Acting as the team’s tank, Vampire Cookie can absorb damage and sustain their health through lifesteal abilities. This frontline presence is crucial for protecting Peppermint Cookie and the rest of the squad.
  • Espresso Cookie: Espresso Cookie brings powerful area-of-effect (AoE) damage to the team, which can effectively clear waves of enemies. Their skills can compensate for the downtime when Peppermint Cookie’s abilities are on cooldown.
  • Cotton Cookie: Cotton Cookie offers healing and summoning capabilities that provide additional targets for enemies to focus on, easing the pressure on Peppermint Cookie and allowing them to deliver support more effectively.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie: As a healer, Pure Vanilla Cookie can keep the team alive with potent healing spells. Their presence ensures that Peppermint Cookie isn’t solely responsible for maintaining the team’s health.

Let Vampire Cookie initiate the battle, drawing aggro and using their lifesteal to maintain their presence as a bulwark against the enemy. Follow up with Espresso Cookie’s AoE damage to weaken or eliminate clusters of enemies, while Peppermint Cookie enhances the team’s abilities and deals damage intermittently.

Cotton Cookie can summon minions to distract enemies and provide healing, whereas Pure Vanilla Cookie’s healing spells will be pivotal during intense battle phases. Ensure that the team engages in a balanced assault, with Peppermint Cookie providing strategic support in the form of buffs/debuffs and occasional damage bursts.

The team should be adaptable, with each member ready to fill in the roles as needed. If Peppermint Cookie’s skills are on cooldown, the other Cookies should be able to hold the line until they are ready to cast again.

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