Control Weapon Forms Guide: Unlock All Weapon Forms, Best Forms

Control Weapon Forms

In Control you only have a single weapon but it has different forms. The grip, for example, is like a revolver. You can fire single shots and it has a lot of punch to it. In this Control weapon forms guide, we are going to walk you through how you can unlock the different forms of the service weapon that you have at your disposal.

Control Weapon Forms

The service weapon is the only weapon that you can use in the game but it has different forms which cater to different play styles. You can unlock different forms of the service weapon in Control but you can only switch between two in-game. The following are the different forms and how they work:

Form Name Functionality
Grip Revolver type. High accuracy but high recoil
Shatter Close range with broad fire similar to shotguns
Spin Lower accuracy but a higher rate of fire like an assault rifle. 
Pierce A very powerful single-shit weapon that penetrates objects
Charge This weapon needs to be charged. The more the charge the more the damage.

Control Weapon Forms

Now that you have an idea of how these different forms work you need to know how you can unlock them. The following is how you can unlock the different weapon forms:

Form Name Functionality
Grip Obtained in the Director’s Office in the game’s opening mission. Is the default form of the service weapon.
Shatter Purchasable after reaching your first control point.
Spin Available for Purchase once you get clearance level 2 via the main missions.
Pierce Obtainable after progressing through Research in the main mission Old Boys Club
Charge purchasable after reaching the Panopticon in Containment via the main mission.

Now that you know which weapon form does what and how you can unlock the different forms, you can check out the best forms ranked from the best to the worst. Here is what you need to know.

Form Name Comments
Shatter Has plenty of shots to take out groups of enemies. Very powerful weapon.
Grip The default weapon that reliable and easy to use.
Spin Spin has a lot of ammo but if you are missing most of the shots then it is not going to be fun.
Pierce Needs some skill to pull off. A very powerful weapon that has a few shots before you need to recharge.
Charge Charge can be unpredictable and the explosion radius is not as large as you would expect.

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This marks the end of our Control weapon forms guide.