Control Source Farming Guide: How to Get Source Fast

Control Source Farming

Control is available now and Source is the currency in the game that you can use for upgrades and time materials. In this Control Source farming guide, we are going to walk you through how you can farm the currency fast.

Guides can be hard to write without spoiling the game and we try out best to avoid spoilers. While this guide does not have any spoilers, other guides that are linked to this one might. Keep that in mind when reading these guides. If you are interested in going into the game blind then you might want to stick to this guide and nothing else.

Control: Source Farming

In control, you can get source by playing the game but you can farm it as well. Source can be earned by killing enemies and progressing through the game. If you are looking to get a lot of source as fast as possible then you should explore as much as possible and get all the personal and weapon mods that you can find.

Control Source Farming

These mods are pretty common and you are only going to use a few of them. You can dismantle these mods to get source. FBC contracts will get you even more mods that you can breakdown for even more source. Side mission or Bureau Alerts are also great for farming source in Control.

So basically there are four ways of farming source in control:

  1. Complete main missions (large amounts of source)
  2. Killing any enemy (small amounts of source)
  3. Dismantle mods
  4. Side missions and Bureau Alerts

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This marks the end of our Control Source farming guide. Stay tuned for more guides and updates.