While Remedy Entertainment’s Control revolves around a set single-player story, there is still plenty to do in the game. One of the activities you can participate in Control is side quests/missions.

There are a handful of side quests in the which allow you to explore more of the story and characters in the supernatural facility.  These side missions can offer a good amount of rewards that can help you level up, get outfits, and get ability points.

These side missions are openly available just like the hidden locations in the game. Our Control side quest guide will help you find, trigger, and complete these side missions.

Control Side Quests/Missions

Side missions require you to speak or access a certain location to be triggered. They reward you with special items and help you progress in the game. Side quests in Control are most certainly worth your time.

What A Mess: Even More Mold

This side mission is triggered via the Janitor’s office. You can start this one at the beginning of Mission 8. Go to the NSC Coolant Pumps area and take care of the Mold problem. The Mold is growing on the upper/ceiling levels. You must levitate your way to the area.

What A Mess: Take A Break

This side quest is unlocked once you complete “What A Mess: Even More Mold.” Go back to the Janitor’s office and to get the side mission. This side quest will start as soon as you enter the room so you don’t need to do anything extra.  All you need to do is go sit on the chair and wait for a while. Your Janitor’s Assistant Outfit will appear once the quest is complete. Just sit and wait, “Take A Break.”

A Merry Chase

The main story will progress to the Maintenance Department.  You will come across a small, not so well lit, room with a flashing red light inside.  You can find this area right before you speak with Ahti, who is the Janitor. Just head toward the room to trigger this side quest.

Enter the room and grab the item from the box. Wait a short period of time and the floor will give way and you can head to Astral Plane.

You need to complete this side mission and clear the Merry-Go-Round Horse Object of Power. This is the way to get the Evade ability.

What A Mess: Burn The Trash

You will meet Ahti the Janitor as you progress the story of Control. Speak with Ahti and he will give you access to Clearance Level 2. Once you are done talking check the notice board nearby on the wall. This will trigger the side quest.

Follow the main story and you will reach the Furnace Room. Here there are a number of barrels with green biohazard signs on them. Throw all of these biohazard barrels into the furnace.

A Good Defence

In Mission 3 you must fix the power station. Go through the NSC Control Room doors towards the Energy Converters. Check out the image for the location of a document you need to interact with; this will unlock “A Good Day.”

Go to the NSC Power Plant and reach the Central Maintenance area. When inside you will find the way to the Training Course. Here’s the location:

The entrance to the field training room is guarded by a Hiss. In this area, there are three red gatherings of hiss. Use Launch ability to throw objects at them to clear your way.

Complete the course in the given time limit to reach Safe Object of Power. Now Clear the Astral Plane to get the Shield Ability.

Mr. Tommasi

When you are done with Mission 7, go back to the Executive area and speak to the Pope inside the Board Room. Pope will discuss the Tommasi issue with you and ask you to take care of it. Fast travel to the Transit Corridor and go into the Turntable. Entrance to the Sterling AWE is on the left and available to access. The boss fight will begin.

A Captive Audience

keep going in the main story during Mission 4, following the Old Boys’ Club. Around this point, the objective will change to “Speak with Marshal on the intercom next to the Elevator.”

There is a desk at the location you can see in the image below. On the desk there is a document, interact with the document to get the side mission.

Now you to the Research and reach the Hypnosis Lab. Go to the small room with a computer and use it to unlock the door that takes you to the Object of Power.

Now head to the Object of Power and finish the Astral Plane to unlock your Compel Ability.

Self Reflection

In mission 7 when you are going to the Prime Candidate Program you will see a small office. There is a document inside, interact with it to trigger the side quest. Go to the Research Sector and to the Synchronicity. Here you will find the entrance to Mirror Testing.

Control Side Quests

You will be asked to match the panels as they are on the monitor screens. Go up the left stairs and the shutter should be down, up, up. And on the right side go with up, down, down.

What A Mess: Clear The Mold

Start the mission 7 and head to the Janitor’s office to get the side mission. There are molds on the wall that you need to shoot. They are easy to find but there is one that’s inside a small room with a door at the end which is blocked by a puss of fungus. Look through the door to locate one more mold to destroy.

Old Friends

Go back to the Executive and speak with Arish around mission 7. Arish needs 6 pouches from his old friends. You can fast travel to Atlas Center and take care of the boss. Now go South to Black Rock Processing before heading to NSC Energy Converters. Go to Ventilation, Coolant Pumps, and Black Rock. Take care of enemies in each area and get the pouches to complete the side quest.

What A Mess: Clear The Clog

Complete mission 4 and go to the Janitor’s Office to get this side mission. Go to the Pump Station, the entrance in the NSC Coolant Pumps room. Solve the puzzle and take the stairs to take care of the blob.

Old Growth

Go the Central Research and head to the bottom area. There is a hole in the dark mist so drop down to the hole. Use Clearance Level 4 to access the small room where you will find Underhill. She wants five pieces of the mold taken care of.

  • Growth 1 – Near the pit
  • Growth 2 – Near the toilets
  • Growth 3 – Near the Televisions in Lab 05
  • Growth 4 – Near the metal staircase
  • Growth 5 – Near the corpses

Mold Removal

Speak with Dr. Uphill after completing Old Growth to get this side mission.

Growth Area 1 – Inside the bathroom near the Southern Shelter. The next one is in the Ritual Office, use the elevator near the Control Point. The last one can be found in the Synchronicity Lab.

Growth Area 2 – Go to the control point and look over the edge to locate a small window with mold growing from it.  Now head to the bottom floor near the Shelter, there’s a Lab 1 entrance. Go inside to find more mold. The last one is in the ladies toilet.

Growth 3 – One of them is inside the Extrasensory Lab. Next one is in the Astral Exhibition and the last one is in the Parakinesiology.

Fridge Duty

Play the main story until you reach the containment to find Dylan. Reach the 4th floor via the elevator. You will find someone stuck in one of the cells with a fridge.  Complete mission 6 to progress in this side mission.

If you have completed the mission speak with Lanston to open the door before going back to the fridge and finishing Astral Plane. There is a boss fight you need to complete.

What A Mess: Talk To The Plants

This one is also found on the Janitor’s board inside his office. It is a cleanup mission. Go to Central Research where you need to speak with plants.

  • Location 1: Outside the door leading to the Parapsychology
  • Location 2: Below the door to Parapsychology. Use the stairs down, outside the safe room
  • Location 3: Go to the bottom section of the Central Research, near the Cafeteria, just outside the toilets. There is a round table with green chairs and a food cart nearby.
  • Location 4: Outside the cafeteria, against the wall. There is another round table with green chairs.
  • Location 5: Upper level near the elevator entrance. Look on the desk near the Ritual Division area.
  • Location 6: Outside Dr. Darlings office

Langston’s Runaways

You need to complete Fridge Duty speak with Langston for another side mission. He will ask you to collect some items from different sectors.

Traffic Light – Containment: Go to level 4 of Panoptican and find Fortified Unit 716 Entrance. You must chase the traffic light but only when it turns green.

Control Side Quests

Hand Chair – Containment (Medical Wing): Go to the room show in the image above and there you will see a hand protruding from the ceiling. Shoot it and cleanse the area when it comes down.

Moving Letters – Executive (Dead Letters): Go to Dead Letters and you will see a red item near the fast travel point on the floor. Interact with the red item and it will dart around stand near one of the desks and it will eventually stop in front of you so you can grab it. Cleanse the item once you have it.

Japanese Paper Lantern – Containment (Sealed Threshold Hall): Area can’t be accessed until you are on mission 7 with level 6 clearance. The mission is part of the story.

If you need more help with the game check out our abilities, Source Farming, and Hidden Locations Guide. This marks the end of our Control side quests guide.