Clearance Levels are an important aspect of progressing in Control. In addition to this, they let you open different security doors containing additional puzzles, side quests, and rewards. But how does one increase Clearance Level in Control? This Control Security Clearance Guide has all the answers.

Increase Control Security Clearance Levels

During the game, you’ll find Security Cards that will increase your Security Clearance Levels. In this guide, we’ve detailed all the locations where you’ll be able to find these cards to increase your Security Clearance Levels.

Security Clearance Level 1 Card
During the 2nd mission, after you reach the Mail Room, search the area near the guard’s corpse to find this Security Card.

Security Clearance Level 2 Card
This card is obtained automatically during the story. You just need to meet the janitor during the 3rd mission and he’ll hand it over to you.

Security Clearance Level 3 Card
This one is also found during the story. At the end of the 3rd mission, the Pope in the Executive Area will ask you to follow Marshal to the Sector: Research. To complete the objective, you’ll be given the Security Clearance Level 3 Card.

Security Clearance Level 4 Card
You get the Security Clearance Level 4 Card at the end of Old Boys’ Club mission. You’ll need to solve a puzzle to get it.

Security Clearance Level 5 Card
During the 5th mission, while looking for a Black Rock, you’ll come to a locked door. You need to go to the nearby table to play one of the doctor’s videos and pick up a document for Level 05 Security Clearance.

Security Clearance Level 6 Card
The final Security Clearance Level 6 Card is also found automatically during the story. In order to get it, you simply need to finish the 6th mission of the game.

These are the locations of all the Security Clearance Cards to increase your Clearance Level in Control. If you’ve anything else to add to the guide, feel free to let us know!