Control is a fun game which is even more fun to play with different outfits on you. Jesse can put on a handful of outfits during her time in the Supernatural facility in New York. Our Control Outfits unlock guide will help you understand how to get all outfits in the game.

Control Outfits Unlock

Outfits allow you to change Jesse’s appearance in Control. Keep in mind that each outfit is only for cosmetic look and plays no role in gameplay. There are 6 different outfits in the game that are unlocked by completing side and main missions in Control.

  • Director’s Outfit – Complete Mission 10 to unlock
  • Office Assistant Outfit – Unlocks during Mission 9
  • Janitor’s Assistant Outfit – Complete “What a Mess: Take a Break” side mission to unlock
  • Golden Suit Outfit – Complete Luck Puzzle to unlock
  • Candidate P7 – Found inside a locker in the P7 Room of the Prime Candidate program section
  • Civilian Outfit – Default outfit

This was our Control outfits guide that explains how to unlock all of them. If you need more help with the game to follow the links above or visit our Control guides section where you can find side missions, puzzles, and boss guides.