Oceanview Motel Puzzle is among the many puzzles you will come across in Control. It is a bit tricky as you are trapped inside a room and it may take a while before you understand what to do.

Last updated on August 28th, 2019 at 01:11 am

Well, there is no need to waste time as our Control Oceanview Motel puzzle guide will help you solve the mystery.

Oceanview Motel Puzzle

Oceanview Motel puzzle is one of the first ones you will come across in Control. You need to press the bell on the main desk three times in order to unlock the last door on the left side. The door still won’t open because you need a key.

The key to the door is on the table. Take it and come back to the original position where to started. Find the door with a Black Pyramid on it. Unlock the door and pull the cord to be on your way to the mission.

Once the objective is complete you will be able to grab the Hotline object of power.

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