Control has some interesting abilities which lead to interesting and unique puzzles. One of the puzzles in Control is called Luck Puzzle. Our Luck Puzzle Solution guide will help you resolve this puzzle.

Control Luck Puzzle Solution

Solving Luck Puzzle solution means you can unlock the Gold Suit Outfit.  The puzzle takes you to Research Sector and you need a level 5 security clearance to access the area of the Luck Puzzle. When you have security clearance you can access the area. Head to Luck and Probability, to the room where you first met Marshall. Look for the locked level 5 door and find the roulette table inside.

The solution to this puzzle is the items around the table, the note about luck, and whiteboard in the room. You need to use all of these items together to solve Control’s Luck Puzzle. Head inside the room with lucky items, pick up the notes and check the whiteboard. Now head back out to the other room and work on other lucky items.

When you are inside the room turn on all lamp lights, there are four lamps in total. Make sure the desk toy next to the elephant is knocking into it. Now make sure the horseshoe is the right way up i.e the curve at the bottom.

Grab the four-leaf-clover from the pot plant and interact with the cat statue to make the statue’s arm swing. Use your launch ability to carry Golden Koi statue and drop in on the Roulette wheel.

Place the plant in the pot plant near the TV and activate the roulette. You should now land on Seven and unlock the suit.