Remedy Entertainment wants you to upgrade and experiment with Jesse Faden’s abilities. In order to upgrade your abilities, you need to get as much ability points you can. You can get these points by completing different missions as well as accessing hidden locations. Our Control Hidden Locations guide is here to explain how to get access to Hidden Locations in Control.

Control Hidden Locations

Many of the ability points can be gained via side missions and main missions. However, Hidden Locations in Control are a great way to max out Jesse’s abilities. There are over a dozen Hidden Locations, if there are more, we will update this guide.

Each location gives you one ability points which means you can get over a dozen from just accessing these locations. Getting all abilities unlocked not only makes you powerful but also lands you the Master Parautilitarian achievement.

Control Hidden Locations 

How to Access Hidden Locations 

Transit Corridor South (Containment)  There is a room above the wall, south of the Control Point. Evade and Levitate Into it. 
Firebreak (Containment)  When you reach Containment, a wide corridor takes you to Panopticon. Use your Levitate ability to reach the room found on one of its sides. 
Active Threshold (Research)  There is an area infested with Mold and you can see a big hole in the ground near it. The hole can only be accessed after unlocking Levitate. 


Playthrough Dr.Underhill’s side quest and you will come across this area Lookup to find a hole in the ceiling. 

Central Research (Research)  In Central Research, there is a window you can only access via Levitate. You first need to break through the glass which can be done with a weapon or Evade. 


This is the same area where Dr.Underhill asked you to remove Mold. 

Central Research (Research)  There is a balcony at the top of the central research and a door that leads to recording office. 
Luck & Probability (Research)  There is a room on Luck & Probability in which you can interact with many items. There are 3 ability points here if you can solve a puzzle. 


1: Turn Desk Lights on 

2: Get the plant from the other room and plant it in the white vase near the TV set 

3: Turn on Newton’s Cradles 

4: Turn on beckoning cat 

5: Ignore Horseshoe 

6: Ignore the fish 

7: Interact with the roulette 

Communications Department (Executive)  Head to the communications department with your Levitate ability unlocked. Locate the staircase, go up and turn right. Enter the room that has a red and white sign dropped on the floor on its left. 
Communications Department (Executive) 


Complete the side mission “Old Growth” given to you by Dr. Underhill. She will give you pills to counter mold effects. 


This location is near the previews one in this area. Instead of going right just head straight after going up the stairs. 

Break Room (Maintenace)  In the room where you fell through the floor and unlocked evade ability, there is a giant hole above. You need to Levitate to access this hidden location. 


Get Levitate and go through the hole, move from pillar to pillar and Levitate through the light at the end of that area.  Use a mix of Evade and Levitate to move easily from Pillar to Pillar 

Black Rock Quarry / Furnace Chamber (Maintenance)  In the Black Rock Quarry find the area where there is a hole between a set of rocks which leads to a moldy area. Use Dr.Underhill’s pills to access this area. 
NCS Power Plant (Maintenance)  Levitate to the big tower in this area. Reach the top. 
Central Research (Research)  Above the area, with glass cases, there is a balcony which you can Levitate to. 


Enter the office and open the door, open another door that is surrounded by Mold. Enter the room and climb the stairs to the Hidden Location. 

Black Rock Quarry / Furnace Chamber  At the entrance where the Astral Monster is, there is a door in an above alcove. Use Levitate to access this area and follow the sewers to reach a door that leads to the Furnace Chamber. 

 This marks the end of our Control Hidden Locations Guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Trophies and achievements, and how to upgrade abilities.