Control is one of the best games to come out recently and it has been very well received by the fans. Interestingly, the director of the game had something else in mind when the game was being made. Mikael Kasurinen, wanted the players to be able to complete Control without any mandatory powers.


Some of the powers are mandatory but there are those that can be gained or missed by not playing the side missions. I for one missed out on evade and the ability to convert the enemy to my side in the game initially. I later found that I could do that and I dove into the side missions mid-way through the game.

Mikael Kasurinen had the following to say regarding the matter:

I was of the opinion initially that I didn’t want any mandatory powers. Like, you can play through the game without ever getting Launch.

It was senior level designer Joonas Kruus that convinced him otherwise by saying that players would lose out on experiencing different kinds of puzzles in the game. He did have a point. While the ability to finish the game without any powers would have been challenging indeed, you could just do that anyway. Just play through the game without using them other than the mandatory parts of course.


Kasurinen also talked about how Control did not even have a map. The player could not use a map and bring it up whenever. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Initially, we didn’t even have a map. I remember thinking, Well, I don’t think it’s the end of the world if somebody gets lost.

The game is pretty open and there are multiple levels. So a map was added into the game so that the player would no which direction he or she needs to go in.

It became clear that, no, the player needs to have a relational understanding of where they are and what direction they should, on a high level, be going in.

Kasurinen also talked about the checkpoint system that is used in Control. This is something that Remedy had not done before. Kasurinen mentioned that at one point in development, Control had half the number of checkpoints as compared to the final game.

let us know what you think about Control and whether you would like the option to finish the game with the different powers.


Source: Edge Magazine September 2020