Green Hell is another game that falls in the category of open-world survival simulators, and this game takes the setting to the Amazonian rainforest. The basic theory is that your stuck in the jungle alone without food, equipment and you are trying to survive till the end. In the wilderness of GreenĀ  Hell many diseases can attack the player.


Green Hell Diseases

This game is very detailed in its survival mechanics. It will throw a lot at you, especially at the hardest difficulty. Hence in this game, your main characters can develop several diseases and injuries. Here we are going to discuss how to treat these different cases so you can remain healthy on your adventure.


Leeches attach to your skin when you simply even walk through the moist and wet vegetation. Leeches can be disposed of by simply heading into the body inspection menu and then unhooking them from your body.


A worm under the skin

Whenever you attempt to sleep on the ground, there might be a high chance of you waking up and noticing that a worm is under your skin. To get rid of it you will need to process a bone that will let you have the bone needle. This equipment will allow you to remove the worm and then after the process be sure to have bandages as well as it will leave an open wound.


This works similar to infections we have in reality. It won’t kill you, but you will need to consume more of your food to regain the nutrients that you’ve lost because of it. One tip we can give is that by eating the unknown mushrooms which can be distinguished by their curved orange caps you can be rid of the parasites.


Food Poisoning

You are affected by this status if you consume any unknown plant or eating anything raw. This will cause dehydration and your character will vomit, causing you to lose some nutrients. Finding a water lily flower is your best bet to cure yourself. The flower can be located on top of the unsafe water reservoirs.

Open Wounds

In case you missed the first tutorial the game gives you, open wounds are caused when you fall off a certain height. You will need to bandage the wound as fast as you can to avoid infection. Crafting bandages is specifically easy, all you need to do is find a certain plant named Molineria, distinguished by its yellow flowers. once you collect it you can craft a bandage and apply it on the wound.



This happens when your character is bitten by an ant. Always be on the lookout for anthills and hives. It will go away on its own after a certain time, but you will drain some of your sanity.


Relieved by washing your character in water. If you consume food while covered in dirt you can get infected.

Venom Wound

This is a fatal wound when bitten by either a snake or spider, the player will gradually start to lose health. This can be cured by the same orange curved cap mushrooms that you use to remove parasites.

That’s all you need to know about the Green Hell diseases and how to cure them.


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