One of the main tales in Ghost of Tsushima is The Iron Hook. In this walkthrough guide, we will take you through all objectives of The Iron Hook quests, rewards, and resources. Before you can unlock The Iron Hook you need to complete The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa, The Lady of Masako, and Hammer and Forge.

The Iron Hook is part  Act 1: Rescue Lord Shinmura. The mission takes place in the Izuhara region. The main reward for The Iron Hook is the Grapple Hook that allows players to swing around structures.

All Objectives

  1. Find Yuna and Meet Up With Straw Hats
  2. Go to Fort Yatate With Straw Hats
  3. Free Straw Hat Prisoners
  4. Kill the Mongols

Ghost of Tsushima The Iron Hook Quest Walkthrough

The following section takes you through each of The Iron Hook tale objective step-by-step.

Objective #1 – Find Yuna and Meet With Straw Hats

Go to Yuna in the Komatsu Forge and complete the dialogue. Take Yuna to the Forge to meet up with Taka. Speak with Taka and Ryuzo at the Forge and go with Ryuzo to meet with the Straw Hat Ronin. Go speak with Ryuzo once again after speaking with Hat Ronin.

Objective #2 – Go to Fort Yatate With Straw Hats

Take Ryuzo to Forte Yatate and reach the edge of the cliff on foot. At this point, you will have access to the iron Grapple Hook. Run to the edge of the cliff and grapple the branches by pressing R2. Use the X button to land on the next branches and reach the cliffs ahead. Look up to the right and use the grapple hook to grab onto the wall. Use the left thumbstick to go up the wall.

Once you reach the top of the wall follow the path and reach the next grapple point. Follow the path and reach the opening in the rocks. You will reach the handholds to go up, reach the top and use the Iron Grapple Hook again to reach the trunk on the wall. In this section, you need to perform grapples in midair to move further.

Objective #3 – Free Straw Hat Prisoners

There should be a building to your left, use the Iron Grapple Hook to swing to it. Now swing to the building ahead. Prisoners cells are ahead, reach the location quietly while taking out all enemies you see without raising an alarm. Open the first cell door to free the two Straw Hat Ronin. Take the circular path near the first cell and go around the big rock to reach more prisoner cells. Drop down and go around the grass and kill the Mongol Warrior. Use Jin’s focused hearing in this area before heading into the cells. Wait for them to go away before opening the cells.

Objective #4 – Kill the Mongols

The Straw Hat Ronin will help you kill the remaining enemies. Now trigger the signal to call in an attack. Meet up with Ryuzo at the gate of the inner fort, kill the Mongols silently to complete The Iron Hook story quest in Ghost of Tsushima.

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