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How To Complete The Blaidd Questline In Elden Ring

Blaidd is one of the many NPCs that you will encounter when exploring the world of Elden Ring. You can find him pretty early on in the game and start going through this questline. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to go over how you can find Blaidd and complete his questline.

Blaidd Questline In Elden Ring

You can find Blaidd in Limgrave, so you can start his questline pretty early on. Once you have unlocked the site of grace in the Church of Ellah and wandered into the Mistwood Ruins. Here you will hear howling. Once that happens you can fast travel back to the Church of Ellah and talk to the merchant there. Ask him about the howling.

He is going to give you an emote. Use the emote in the Mistwood Ruins near the towerlike structure and Blaidd is going to dropdown. You can then talk to him and start his quest. Do note that if you meet Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise then he will not be in the Mistwood Ruins.

Blaidd Questline Elden Ring

Defeat Darriwil

Once you talk to Blaidd, you need to find and kill Darriwil. The boss is located in the image provided below:

Blaidd Questline Elden Ring

At the site, interact with the circle on the floor, and then to your right you will be able to summon Blaidd to help you out. Once the encounter is over you can talk to Blaidd and he will give you a Somber Smithing Stone 2.

Ranni’s Rise

In order to progress the quest, you need to progress Ranni’s questline and get to Ranni’s Rise. Enter her service and talk to Blaidd and Iji. downstairs. Blaidd will talk about going to Nokron in search of some treasure.

Siofra River

Next, you need to meet Blaidd at the Siofra River. If you do have access to this area do not worry as it is pretty easy. You can find a building that has a lift that takes you down to the area as shown in the image below:

Blaidd Questline Elden Ring

You can find him north of the large temple near the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. He will tell you that he does not know how to get to Nokron. He will then send you to the Three Sisters area, in Selivus’ tower.

Talk To Selivus, in Selivus’s tower in the southern region of Three Sisters. Mention Nokron and he will tell you to go to Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave. You can find her behind the Mad Pumpkinhead boss in the Waypoint Ruins. She will then ask you to kill General Radahn.

Return To Blaidd With Info

Head back to Siofra River and talk to Blaidd about what you have found. He will tell you about Radahn’s Castle Redmane in eastern Caelid. You need to head over there. Traverse the cliffs around the southwestern side to get to the cemetery. Deal with the enemies and you can take the ladder to the castle.

Defeat Starscourge Radahn

Now you need to defeat Starscourge Radahn. This used to be a pretty difficult boss encounter but the boss has been nerfed. There is a cheese method that you can use to kill the boss in 4 hits. Once you defeat the boss, Blaidd is going to appear near the site of grace and he will walk to explore the area hit by the meteor.

Free Blaidd

You can explore Nokron as much as you want but you will not find him. He is captured in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. When you head over there you are going to hear him howling. He can talk to him via the gate of the Gaol.

Complete Ranni’s Questline

For the next steps, you will need to complete Ranni’s questline. Once you give her the Dark Moon Ring she will tell you to take the path of Lords. Go back to Ranni’s Rise and you will find Blaidd. You can leave him but if you want his gear then you will need to kill him.

The boss fight is not an easy one but you get his armor and sword. You do not get the wolf mask. You can find that on the ruined ramparts behind Selivus’s Rise.

This is how you can complete the Blaidd questline in Elden Ring. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can complete Fia’s questline.

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