Welcome to our guide on Company of Heroes 3’s Wehrmacht Battlegroups. As one of the game’s primary factions, the Wehrmacht is a formidable force on the battlefield, with a wide array of units and tactics to choose from.

However, even the most powerful armies have their weaknesses, and understanding these weaknesses can be the key to victory. In this guide, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Wehrmacht Battlegroups, as well as some effective tactics for using them on the battlefield.

Company of Heroes Wehrmacht Faction

  • Battlegroups
  • Primary Tactics
  • Weaknesses


Wehrmacht Battlegroups.

Luftwaffe Field Support: You can construct the Flak 36 Anti-Tank Guns to take down enemy vehicles. Infantry Reserves can be used to deploy soldiers at a cheaper cost. Paradrop can also bring specialized units, such as Fallschirmpioneer Squads.

Luftwaffe Air-to-Ground Support: You can leverage air support and use Stuka strafing and fragmentation bombing runs. You can also paradrop Fallschirmjager Squads onto the map for extra support.

Armored Offensive: This battlegroup is for ultra-aggressive playstyles, allowing you to deploy Panzer IV Medium Tanks and Tiger Heavy Tanks quickly, as well as use Blitzkrieg tactics.

Mechanized Armour: This battlegroup allows you to quickly deploy heavy armoured units, such as the Panther Heavy Tank and 8-Rad Armoured Car, to the battlefield. Light vehicles can also capture territory with the Raid Package.

Assault Forces: You can carry out smoke and incendiary bombing runs, allowing you to charge in under cover or destroy large enemy forces. In addition, you’ll be able to capture territory faster with Breakthrough.

Mechanized Support: You can suppress enemy infantry with off-map artillery barrages using Stoßtruppen units and Wibelwind Flakpanzers.

Primary Tactics

It is the combined arms assaults of this faction that rule the day. Using tanks, armoured units, and powerful infantry squads will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.


Keep an eye out for attacks from the skies, as your position will be vulnerable to British artillery and American air superiority if you are attacked from above. 

How to Play Wehrmacht: Tips and Strategy

How to Play Wehrmacht
  • Understanding the Wehrmacht
  • Build Order
  • Unit Preservation
  • Combined Arms
  • Use Cover
  • Artillery
  • Commander Abilities
  • Focus on Objectives

Understanding the Wehrmacht

The Wehrmacht is a versatile faction with access to a wide range of infantry and vehicles. They excel in defensive play and can adapt to various situations. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Wehrmacht is crucial to playing them effectively.

Build Order

The build order is critical to setting up the Wehrmacht’s economy and early-game defense. Players should focus on building resource-generating structures such as the Fuel and Munitions Points. Additionally, players can also build basic infantry units and support weapons such as the MG42 machine gun to establish a solid defense.

Unit Preservation

Wehrmacht units are generally more expensive than other factions. Therefore, preserving them is critical to maintaining a strong army. Players should avoid unnecessary engagements and retreat injured units to prevent them from being lost.

Combined Arms

Wehrmacht forces excel when different units work together in a coordinated manner. Players should mix and match units to create a well-rounded army that can deal with various threats. For example, players can use infantry to hold the line while using support weapons and tanks to deal damage.

Use Cover

The Wehrmacht faction is heavily reliant on cover to survive in combat. Players should use cover to their advantage by positioning their units behind sandbags or inside buildings. Doing so can increase the survivability of their units and make them more effective in combat.


The Wehrmacht faction has access to various artillery units that can deal significant damage to enemy forces. Players should use artillery to soften enemy positions before engaging them with their ground forces.

Commander Abilities

Commander abilities are powerful tools that can turn the tide of battle. Players should use them strategically to gain an advantage over their opponents. For example, players can use the “Panzer Tactician” ability to call in a tank to disrupt enemy lines or the “Stuka Bombing Strike” to deal massive damage to enemy forces.

Focus on Objectives

In Company of Heroes 3, victory is determined by achieving objectives rather than simply eliminating enemy forces. Players should focus on capturing and holding strategic points to gain an advantage over their opponents.

That’s all we have on the Wehrmacht faction but there are other factions that are equally impressive; especially the Afrikakorps.

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