The real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 3 puts you in command of a WWII battlefield. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, there are always tips and tricks you can use to improve your game, especially in a series like Company of Heroes.

Our guide is specifically designed to help people who are just starting out their journey in Company of Heroes 3 because it can be overwhelming trying to learn all the different mechanics and strategies at once.

Below We’ll cover some basic tips and strategies that can help you get started and build a solid foundation in Company of Heroes 3.

Company of Heroes 3 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose A Faction You Love
  2. Check And Rebind Controls
  3. Don’t Wait For Warr To Come To You
  4. Give Commands Efficiently
  5. Don’t Be Out In The Open
  6. Know When To Retreat
  7. Spread It
  8. Put Pressure On Armor and Vehicles

Choose A Faction You Love

Have fun with your faction.

The most important thing is to have fun because if you’re not having fun you won’t have any incentive to get better, learn the mechanics, and put time into the game. Choose the faction that appeals to you the most. It doesn’t matter what the meta is or what the stats are, choose whatever faction you like. Choose a faction and play style that you enjoy, whether it’s infantry, light vehicles, tanks, or planes.

Check and Rebind Controls

Play around with key binds.

Head to the pause button menu and see what the control are, and where are they bound. Remap the controls to whichever location you’re comfortable with. You will be using the Tactical Map a lot so we recommend binding it somewhere near your camera controls (WASD). By default, it is bound to the M key which isn’t very accessible.

Don’t Wait For War To Come To You

Send out your Manpower ASAP.

You will get access to the ability to buy squads not long after you drop into the map. Most players waste time getting their squads ready but that’s not something you want to do. As a beginner, it doesn’t matter what build order you have, rush your troops out the door to fight for territory. If you’re a complete newbie, this is the best way to practice your rounds with a mobile army. In short, As soon as you have the Manpower for a squad, start training them so they can be ready to capture territory.

Early on you can have 4 infantry squads and the rest are divided into machine guns, engineers, and snipers.

Give Commands Efficiently

Effective and precise commands can make a big difference.

Hold down the shift button and right-click on points on the minimap to queue up multiple commands for a squad to capture territory. This allows your squad to move through the map efficiently and gives you time to observe resources and plan your next moves without worrying about giving commands. Your troops follow territory capture commands in order.

Pro Tip: You can queue commands on the mini-map.

Don’t Be Out In The Open

Don’t be a daredevil, use cover to protect your units.

There are two types of cover (heavy and light), use them effectively. Moreover, flank to negate enemy cover and keep your units alive.

  • Heavy Cover (Green): Best cover for protection against bullets and vehicle fire.
  • Light Cover (Yellow): Second best cover for bullets and vehicle fire. Offers less protection and explosives become a major problem.

Pro Tip: Buildings can’t be suppressed.

Buildings provide heavy cover and cannot be suppressed, but can be complicated to use effectively.

Know When To Retreat

There is no shame in taking a step back.

Use the Tactical Map to check if any squads are low on health and retreat them as necessary. Retreat squads will automatically be reinforced at the base. It is much better than losing a squad.

Spread It

Spread out to create flanks.

Do not ball up your units as this can make them more susceptible to being suppressed or destroyed by random artillery, mines, or bombing runs. Spreading your squad also opens up opportunities for a flank.

Put Pressure On Armor And Vehicles

Keep the pressure on tanks.

If multiple units aren’t focusing on armor and vehicles on the map, then you’re likely to end up dead. Have multiple units that can damage armor and vehicles focus fire them. AT grenades and AT rifles combined with a light tank can do the job. If you’re out of a light tank, you can combine AT grenades or AT rifles with a bazooka squad.

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