In Coffee Talk, you’re required to serve your customers with a variety of beverages and, in turn, learn more about their life experiences. But before you can do that, you’ll want to know about all the recipes that you can make in Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk Recipes

The first step to becoming the best barista in town needs you to know about all the recipes that the game has to offer. While you can do this on your own, our recipes list will help you save some time.

Before I list down the recipes, please note that the guide only contains the recipes of all the named drinks in Coffee Talk. You’ll have to rely on hit and trial if someone orders something off the menu.

In addition to this, the recipes provided below are sorted on the basis of drink types i.e. coffee, tea, milk, etc.

Tea Recipes

Gala Had
Tea + Milk + Ginger

Masala Chai
Tea + Ginger + Cinnamon

Midsummer Night’s Dream
Tea + Lemon + Honey

Russian Tea
Tea + Lemon + Cinnamon

Shai Adeni
Tea + Milk + Cinnamon

Teh Tarik
Tea + Tea + Milk

Green Tea

Cough Syrup
Green Tea + Lemon + Honey

Green Tea Latte
Green Tea + Milk + Milk

Green Tea + Mint + Mint

Shin Genmaicha
Green Tea + Green Tea + Cinnamon

The Grinch
Green Tea + Ginger + Cinnamon

Milk + Ginger + Honey

Chocolate Recipes

Bitter Heart
Chocolate + Ginger + Cinnamon

Chocobee Miruku
Chocolate + Honey + Milk

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate + Chocolate + Chocolate

Spanish Sahara
Chocolate + Milk + Ginger

Spiced Lady
Chocolate + Milk + Cinnamon

Milk Recipes

Milk + Cinnamon + Honey

Le Menthol
Milk + Mint + Lemon

Lemony Snippet
Milk + Honey + Lemon

Milky Way
Milk + Honey + Mint

Coffee Recipes

Black Lemon
Coffee + Coffee + Lemon

Black Magic
Coffee + Mint + Honey

Caffe Latte
Coffee + Milk + Milk

Coffee + Coffee + Milk

Coffee + Coffee + Coffee

Ginger Latte
Coffee + Ginger + Milk

Gingerbread Coffee
Coffee + Ginger + Cinnamon

Jahe Tubruk
Coffee + Coffee + Ginger

Sugar and Spice
Coffee + Cinnamon + Honey

These are all the Coffee Talk drinks that you can make for your customers. If you’ve found any other recipes missing from the guide, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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