Code Vein Lord Of Thunder Boss Guide: How To Beat

Code Vein Lord of Thunder

The third DLC for Code Vein was just released and with it comes a new boss. He is named Lord of Thunder. In this Code Vein guide, we are going to go over how you can beat the Lord of Thunder boss in the new DLC.

Code Vein Lord of Thunder Boss

Appearance-wise the boss takes the shape of a giant lion-like creature and has the power of electricity. He is very fluent in both melee and ranged attacks.

The boss has a dual lock-on point, the head, and the body, keep it in mind that you will deal extra damage if you land your attacks on his face as well as stagger him much quicker.

The Lord of Thunder has area-of-effect attacks, melee attacks as well as projectiles and he also comes in two phases, wherein the second he will become far more aggressive with his Melee and jump attacks.

Code Vein Lord of Thunder

Move Set

The following are all the moves that the Lord of Thunder boss can use in Code Vein:

Front Stomp: Raises his front legs and will stomp on the nearest player. Triggered mostly when the player is right in front of him.

Wing Slash: He will slash one of his wings across, or even sometimes both wings together. This deals a lot of damage and you will need to execute a well-timed dodge.

Lightning Orbs:  He will dash around the arena and spew out orbs of lightning, these will cause a large AoE blast when they come into contact.

Jump Attacks: This is a multi-variation attack. The boss will either jump up high and then land down with full force. Otherwise, the jump will be quicker and will follow you which you will need to dodge quickly.

In the second phase, the Lord of Thunder will jump and as soon as he lands, he will send out an electric field that will deal damage to anyone inside it. These attacks, however, can be punished easily with a well-timed dodge.

Dodge Attacks: The boss will dodge you and then cast an energy blast at the player while performing the dodge. This can also be followed up by a wing slash, players will need to have fast reflexes to dodge this attack as it gives a narrow window for escape.

Tips and Tricks

For this boss, players will always need to be on their feet. They will need to manage their stamina wisely and dodge all of the incoming attacks as quickly as they can to avoid losing all their health and healing items early on.

The player should remember that the bigger the attack the boss uses, the more punishable the boss is if it misses the attack. The boss will give indications of which attack it will use, the wings will glow purple when they’re charged, which means the boss will use ranged and AoE attacks. When he is staggered then the wings will glow blue and the player will need to expect melee attacks.

That is all for our Code Vein Lord of Thunder guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Code Vein guides hub.

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