Code Vein Key Items Locations Guide – All the Key Items

Code Vein Key Items Guide

In our Code Vein Key Items Guide, we’ve detailed a complete rundown of all the Key Items in the game. Key Items in Code Vein are required to increase merchants’ inventories, access inaccessible areas, and progress through the game’s story. As for locating them, you’ll find them as you play through the game.

Blood Beads
You’ll find it at Area D-12, Ruined City after the cutscene with the Bloodspring.

Berserker Vestige Core
You need to defeat Oliver Collins at the Area D-12, Ruined City Underground to get it.

Map: Town of Sacrifice
You need to purify all 3 Mistles in the Depths: Town of Sacrifice.

Town of Sacrifice Key 1
It’s dropped by the Stonecrusher and Raging Noblewoman after they’re defeated.

Town of Sacrifice Key 2
It’s dropped by Argent Wolf Soldiers.

Town of Sacrifice Key 3
It’s dropped by The Queen’s Knight after he is defeated.

Rusted Sluiced Key
To be Updated.

Moss-covered Key
To be Updated.

Flood of Impurity Key
To be Updated.

Barracks Key
To be Updated.

Den of Darkness Key 1
To be Updated.

Den of Darkness Key 2
To be Updated.

Eagle Key
To be Updated.

Mark of Honor
You need to defeat a boss in the game’s Multiplayer Mode to obtain it.

To be Updated.

This marks the end of our Code Vein Key Items Guide. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, then check out our Merchants Guide, Bosses Guide, and Haze Farming Guide.