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Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blazing Heretic Boss Guide – How To Beat


If you are facing trouble getting past the Blazing Heretic Boss of Hellfire knight, then here is a complete guide to ensure that you defeat him and carry on with your gaming adventure. In this Code Vein guide, we are going to go over how you can beat the Blazing Heretic boss in the new Hellfire Knight DLC.

The Blazing Heretic’s combat field is found on the Northern side of the map. This area is entirely covered with lava and the only places for you to maintain your footing are the narrow rocky parts amidst the lava.

As apparent the best strategy to follow is avoiding to step on the lava and keep to the rocks or else your fire damage level would rise alarmingly. The Blazing Heretic basically has five types of attacks which he wields during the fight.

The Spinning Attack

The attack will be delivered by the Heretic by jumping twice in the air while spinning and then finishes up with a sword strike. This attack is heavily damaging. However, it can be easily countered by dodging to your left or right accordingly and you won’t have much to worry about.

The Sword Change

This attack will be accompanied by a scream from the Heretic and then he will charge forward by swinging his weapon and striking the ground with a tremendous force which leads to an AoE explosion. You need to dodge to a side first and then rush hard from the radius of the blast.

The Three Hit Combo

This is a very powerful and swift attack that the Blazing Heretic delivers by performing a three-hit combo while stepping forward. With each combo, he steps closer towards you. In order to remain safe from his vicious hits, you must take two steps back whenever he reaches a step towards you.

The Two Hit Combo

This attack is long-ranged and starts with the thrusting of the Heretic’s weapon and ends up with a strike delivered with his elbow. This attack is also countered by dodging to either side and taking a step back so that the long-range of the strike can be avoided.

The Flame Burst

The deadliest of the Heretic’s attacks, the Flame Burst is a wall of fire that surrounds you for a full minute. Do not make the mistake of attacking the wall as it will cause serious damage in return. The only way to counter this attack is to keep away from the wall at all costs.

Once you have managed to defeat this Boss in battle, your reward will be 1x Asclepius Vestige Part A.

That is all for our Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blazing Heretic Boss Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on companion outfits and how you can get them.

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