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Code Vein Hellfire Knight Abyssal Doppelganger Boss Guide: How To Beat


Code Vein Hellfire Knight DLC is out now and a part of the new content is the new Abyssal Doppelganger boss. In this Code Vein Hellfire Knight guide, we are going to go over how you can beat the Abyssal Doppelganger boss.

How To Beat The Abyssal Doppelganger Boss In Code Vein Hellfire Knight

The new Abyssal Doppelganger boss can be found in the Depths: Fiery Oblivion area of the new DLC. In order to get access to this area, you need to own the new Hellfire Knight DLC. You will also need the Map: Fiery Oblivion which is found in the hallway between Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts.

Once you have entered the map, keep going until you reach the area where you find Mistle. There will be an altar to your right. You have the choice to either go left or straight. If you take the path tot he left then you will encounter the new Abyssal Doppelganger boss.

For this encounter, we recommend using a fast weapon and stun ability. Now that we have gone over where you can find the boss and the ability and weapon that you should have, we can move on to how you can beat this boss.

Abyssal Doppelganger Boss Attacks And How To Counter Them

The Abyssal Doppelganger boss has Melee and Mage abilities. During the mage form, he will shoot projectiles at you. The projectiles are slow but they do deal a lot of damage. You need to move away from the projectile until they time out and disappear.

He also has the projectile barrage attach in which a barrage of small projectiles will be thrown at you. You can dodge this by moving to the left or the right. Another attack that the boss can use is the big projectile attack. The boss will launch a big projectile above and throw it onto you. You can dodge this by moving to the sides.

While in Melee form the Abyssal Doppelganger will act like a normal sword-using enemy in the game. It will only use regular attacks. The boss is weak to stun damage so timing is going to be key in this encounter. For defeating the boss, you get Asclepius Vestige Part B.

That is all for our Code Vein Hellfire Knight Abyssal Doppelganger boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Code Vein guides hub.

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