What are gifts in Code Vein? Well, you can consider them comparable to Skills and Magic.   By using these gifts players can perform various unique actions such as healing and apply buffs. These effects, abilities, and buffs can be applied to companions as well as yourself. You can also use Code Vein Gifts to debuff enemies or deal direct damage.

Code Vein Gifts – Active  and Passive

There are two types of gifts in  Code Vein and gifts require Ichor. In our Code Vein Gifts guide we will explain how to unlock gifts, what are active and passive gifts, and their effects.

How to Unlock  Gifts?

All gifts are divided into many Blood Codes. Unlock Blood Codes to access gifts. You can use Vestiges to further restore codes that then let you unlock gifts for that code. Meanwhile, the gifts upgrade increases the potentness of gifts but at the expense of weapon scaling.

All Passive and Active Gifts

In this section of the guide, you will find the effects of passive and active abilities.

Gift  Blood Code  Gift Type  Effect 
Desperate Burst  N/A  Active  Desperate Burst 
Shadow Leap  Isis  Active  Creates shockwave around you, then transports you backward 
Fourfold Verdict  Isis  Active  Fires barrage of lightning bullets 
Indra’s Coil  Isis  Active  Fires three bolts of lightning 
Draconic Stake  Isis  Active  Create a blood stake to shoot at the enemy 
Blast Bolt  Isis  Active  Fires a string of projectiles infused with electricity 
Plasma Roar  Isis  Active  Shoot electricity surge at the target 
Vow of Ichor  Isis  Passive  Reduced max HP pool to increase max Ichor pool 
Bloodsucking Blades  Artemis  Active  Increased drain rating of the weapon attacks for you and your companion 
Freezing Roar  Artemis  Active  Fires Projectile of freezing ice 
Guard of Honor  Artemis  Active  Creates ice pillars that bombard the target 
Bayonet Mastery  Artemis  Passive  Increased attack power when using a bayonet 
Blood Grab  Artemis  Passive  Dodge enemy attacks to drain their ichor in accordance to your weapon’s drain rating 
Dexterity/Willpower Up  Artemis  Passive  Increased dexterity and willpower 
Ice Armor  Artemis  Active  Creates a barrier around you and your partner for ice resistance 
Shock Web  Artemis  Active  Create a low-power trap 
Fusillade Rondo  Artemis  Active  Fire homing bullets 
Focused Gift Speed  Artemis  Passive  Increased speed of your Gifts when focused 
Overdrive  Assassin  Active  Increases you and your’s companion’s attack as long as you don’t take damage 
Stun Trap  Assassin  Active  Create stun traps 
Concentration  Assassin  Active  Reduces stamina consumption as long as you don’t take damage 
Merciless Reaper  Assassin  Active  Ignores some physical defense and weapon defense for next attack 
Numbing Mark  Assassin  Active  Applies the stun effect to your weapon 
Sharpened Fangs  Assassin  Passive  Increased damage dealt by a special drain after a parry/back attack 
Shadow Assault  Assassin  Active  Do a fast, short-range charge 
Nightstalker  Assassin  Active  Reduced the amount of sound created by the player, making it hard to be detected 
Firm Stand  Atlas  Passive  Receiving fatal damage when HP is over certain amount leaves the player with 1 HP 
Flashing Fang  Atlas  Active  More power behind next attack 
Strength/Vitality Up  Atlas  Passive  Increased strength and vitality 
Guard Reversal  Atlas  Active  Deflect attacks and stagger enemies after guarding 
Impact Wave  Atlas  Active  Adds a shockwave effect to strike attacks 
Two-handed Sword Mastery  Atlas  Passive  Increases attack power with Two-handed Sword 
Dogged Fighter  Atlas  Passive  Increased stagger resistance 
Foulblood Barrier  Atlas  Active  Create barrier around you and your partner to block damage 
Guard Drain Rating Up  Atlas  Passive  Increased drain rating when guarding enemy attacks 
Tormenting Blast  Atlas  Active  Leap forward and strike twice 
Resilient Focus  Atlas  Passive  Increased focus gain by receiving damage 
Venom Buff  Darkseeker  Passive  Applies venom effect to your weapon when focused 
Sanguine Roar  Darkseeker  Active  Fires projectile of foul blood 
Blood-draining Venom  Darkseeker  Passive  Deal venom damage to nearby enemies to get Ichor 
Venomous Shot  Darkseeker  Active  Fire venom projectile 
Fall Damage Reduction  Darkseeker  Passive  Less fall damage 
Venom Trap  Darkseeker  Active  Create a venom trap 
Ichor Strikes  Hunter    Reduced the ichor cost of weapon attack when focused 
Dexterity Up  Hunter  Passive  Increased Dexterity 
Blood Sacrifice  Hunter  Active  Spend HP to gain Ichor 
Hunting Feast  Hunter  Active  Increased the drain rating of weapon attacks 
Flame Spike  Hunter  Active  Fires a projectile of burning flame 
Binding Mark  Hunter  Active  Applies the slow effect to the weapon 
Active IFF  Hunter  Active  Nearby enemies will appear on your radar 
Ranged Impact  Hunter  Active  Increased attack power of shots fired from weapons. 
Slow Resistance  Mercury  Passive  Increased slow resistance 
Vivification  Mercury  Active  Return to last mistle touched without losing haze 
Slow Removal  Mercury  Active  Removes slow effect from you and your partner. Can be used before the attack occurs to block it 
Revenant’s Hunger  Mercury  Passive  Increased haze from defeated enemies 
Maintained Focus  Mercury  Passive  Rescued rate of focus consumption 
Lighting Weapon  Mercury  Active  Adds lightning damage to your and your partner’s weapon 
Raijin’s Veil  Mercury  Active  Boosts lightning resistance 
Venom Removal  Mercury  Active  Removes venom affliction. Can be used to block venom attacks 
Venom Resistance  Mercury  Passive  Increased venom resistance 
Sprinter  Mercury  Passive  Reduced stamina consumption when dashing 
Shadow Leap  Aset  Active  Creates shockwave around you, then transports you backward 
Fourfold Verdict  Aset  Active  Fires barrage of lightning bullets 
Indra’s Coil  Aset  Active  Fires three bolts of lightning 
Blast Bolt  Aset  Active  Fires a string of projectiles infused with electricity 
Vow of Ichor  Aset  Passive  Reduced max HP pool to increase max Ichor pool 
Draconic Stake  Aset  Active  Create a blood stake to shoot at the enemy 
Plasma Roar  Aset  Active  Shoot electricity surge at the target 
Heroic Fang  Hermes  Passive  Increased damage with charged drains 
Focused Carnage  Hermes  Passive  Reduces focus consumption by attacks while focused 
Revenant’s Greed  Hermes  Passive  Increased chance of item drops from enemies 
Steady Bulwark  Hermes  Active  Increased weapon defense against physical attacks 
Strength Up  Hermes  Passive  Increased strength 
Frost Spike  Hermes  Active  Fires ice projectile 
Stun Removal  Hermes  Active  Removes stun affliction 
Floating Light  Hermes  Active  Create a ball of light 
Stun Resistance  Hermes  Active  Increased stun resistance 
Swallow Cutter  Hermes  Active  Super fast attack 
Bloody Impact  Hermes  Active  Release shockwave to blast away enemies 
Eternal Blade Dance  Prometheus  Passive  Increased attack power when you dodge enemy attack 
One-handed Sword Mastery  Prometheus  Passive  Increased power when equipped with one handed weapon 
Hasten  Prometheus  Active  Boost reflexes when dodging 
Deft Parry  Prometheus  Passive  Parry attack to get full stamina 
Warding Mark  Prometheus  Active  Applies inhibit effect to your weapon 
Savvy Evasion  Prometheus  Passive  More focus when dodging enemies 
Flame Weapon  Prometheus  Passive  Add fire damage to your partner’s weapon 
Blade Dance  Prometheus  Active  Increased damage with each attack 
Fire Storm  Prometheus  Active  Shoot flaming projectiles 
Phantom Assault  Prometheus  Active  Vanish to do a jump slash 
Balance Up  Berserker  Passive  Increased balanced 
Blow of Madness  Berserker  Active  Increased power of next attack 
Dragon Lunge  Berserker  Active  Dash forward with a powerful overhead attack. 
Precision  Berserker  Active  Makes it easier to stagger enemies 
Royal Heart  Berserker  Active  Stagger resistance 
Iron Will  Berserker  Active  Damage resistance 
Dark Impulse  Caster  Passive  Increased Dark Gifts effect when focused 
Blazing Roar  Caster  Active  Fires powerful flame 
Weapon Drain Rating Up  Caster  Passive  Increased drain rating of weapon attacks 
Blood Caster  Caster  Active  Fires projectile made of the power of blood 
Guard Stability  Ranger  Passive  Less stamina consumption from guarding when focused 
Venom Mark  Ranger  Active  Applies venom effect on current weapon 
Spoils Spotter  Ranger  Active  Spot nearby collectibles 
Shifting Hollow  Ranger  Active  Dash forward in mist form 
Sonic Arrow  Ranger  Active  Fires Ichor projectile 
Stamina Boost  Ranger  Passive  Increased max stamina 
Blood Guard  Fighter  Active  Boosts blood resistance 
Focused Stamina Usage  Fighter  Passive  Less stamina consumption when focused 
Triple Annihilator  Fighter  Active  Deadly combo on a nearby enemy 
Adrenaline  Fighter  Active  Attack power boost 
Health Boost  Fighter  Passive  Increased max Health 
Treasure Tracker  Survivor  Active  N/A 
Leak Removal  Survivor  Active  N/A 
Guard Stability  Survivor  Active  N/A 
Valiant Heart  Survivor  Active  N/A 
Life Steal  Survivor  Passive  N/A 
Vitality Up  Survivor  Passive  N/A 
Leak Resistance  Survivor  Passive  N/A 
Chariot Rush  Dark Knight  Active  N/A 
Flame Protection  Dark Knight  Active  N/A 
Somatic Zeal  Dark Knight  Active  N/A 
Blood Weapon  Dark Knight  Active  N/A 
Blood Spike   Dark Knight  Active  N/A 
Halberd Mastery  Dark Knight  Passive  N/A 
Grave Knocker  Fionn  Active  N/A 
Crushing Might  Fionn  Active  N/A 
Red Shoes  Fionn  Active  N/A 
Frost Weapon  Fionn  Active  N/A 
Ice Barrage  Fionn  Active  N/A 
Hammer Mastery  Fionn  Passive  N/A 
Focused Guard  Fionn  Passive  N/A 
Perseverance Up  Fionn  Passive  N/A 
Panacea’s Essence  Eos  Active  N/A 
Regenerator  Eos  Active  N/A 
Sympathetic Boon  Eos  Active  N/A 
Antibody Generation  Eos  Active  N/A 
Elemental Wall  Eos  Active  N/A 
Ablative Blood  Eos  Active  N/A 
Bridge to Glory  Eos  Active  N/A 
Mind/Vitality Up  Eos  Passive  N/A 
Circulating Pulse  Queenslayer  Active  N/A 
Cleansing Light  Queenslayer  Active  N/A 
Final Journey  Queenslayer  Active  N/A 
Frenzied Fire  Queenslayer  Active  N/A 
Drain Boost  Queenslayer  Passive  N/A 

 This marks the end of our Code Vein Gifts Guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Blood Codes farmingerrors and fixes,  and Consumables guide.