There are a total of 3 endings that you can unlock in Code Vein. These endings are Heirs, To Eternity, and Dweller in the Dark. In this Endings Unlocks Guide, we’ve shared everything you need to know about unlocking all three endings in Code Vein.

Code Vein Endings

The following are all the endings and how to unlock them in Code Vein:

1. HeirsBad Ending
Heirs can be considered the game’s bad ending. To unlock the Heirs ending, you need to kill Ribcage, Breath, Claw, and Throat – the 4 Successors in the game.

Once you’re done, you need to ensure that you don’t restore their vestiges. To do so, when inside their memories, simply walk out the door without doing anything. You need to do this for all 4 Successors.

2. To EternityNormal Ending
In order to unlock this ending, you need to save at least one Successor in Code Vein. This is essentially done by restoring all the Vestiges in the Successor’s arena. To learn more about the locations of all the Vestiges in the game, head over to our guide.

3. Dweller in the DarkTrue Ending
To unlock the best/true ending in Code Ending, you need to save all 4 Successors by restoring their memories and Vestiges in Cathedral of Sacred Blood, Ridge of Frozen Souls, City of Falling Flame, Crown of Sand, and the Provisional Government Center.

This is everything we’ve got in our Code Vein Endings Guide. For more help on Code Vein, be sure to check out our Vestiges Guide, Blood Codes Guide, and Boss Fights Guide.