Code Vein Boss Guide: How To Beat All Bosses, Rewards, Locations

Code Vein Boss | How to Upgrade Weapons and Blood Veils in Code Vein

Code Vein is out now and one of the major highlights of the game is the unique bosses that you get to fight. Some of these boss fights can be very tough and it is understandable that you need some help in order to beat them. In this Code Vein boss guide, we are going to go over all the booses in the game, their locations, how you can beat them and the rewards you get for taking them down.

We try out best to not include spoilers in our guide and that can be a bit tricky. If you are interested in jumping into the game blind then consider yourself warned.

How To Beat The Bosses In Code Vein

The following are the different bosses in Code Vein, how you can beat them, where you can find them and what you get for finishing them off.

Abyssal Doppelganger

Reward: Asclepius Vestige Part B

Location: Once you have entered the map, keep going until you reach the area where you find Mistle. There will be an altar to your right. You have the choice to either go left or straight. If you take the path tot he left then you will encounter the new Abyssal Doppelganger boss.

The Abyssal Doppelganger boss has Melee and Mage abilities. During the mage form, he will shoot projectiles at you. The projectiles are slow but they do deal a lot of damage. You need to move away from the projectile until they time out and disappear.

Abyssal Doppelganger

He also has the projectile barrage attach in which a barrage of small projectiles will be thrown at you. You can dodge this by moving to the left or the right. Another attack that the boss can use is the big projectile attack. The boss will launch a big projectile above and throw it onto you. You can dodge this by moving to the sides.

While in Melee form the Abyssal Doppelganger will act like a normal sword-using enemy in the game. It will only use regular attacks.

Oliver Collins

Reward: Juggernaut Hammer, Berserker Vestige Core

Location: Area D-12, Outer Crossroads

This is the first boss in Code Vein that you will encounter and is part of the tutorial. So taking him down is pretty straight forward compared to the other boss fights in the game. While the boss is a tutorial boss you do need to take him seriously. If you do not then you will find yourself dying over and over.

In the first phase of the fight, Oliver Collins will attack you with a hammer. These moves are predictable and slow. So you can dodge them. Simply move out of the way. While the attacks do not have a lot of range, they still do massive damage. So avoid getting hit in the first place. Beware that Oliver Collins has an attack which allows him to hit you even when you are standing behind him. It happens when you least expect it.

Oliver Collins

In order to deal with this phase, you need to stick close to Oliver Collins and avoid getting hit. Learn the attack patterns and safely hit him a couple of times between his attacks. The second phase of the encounter will start when you have done 40% damage to this Code Vein boss.

Oliver Collins will turn into The Lost. When the transformation begins you will see a vortex. You need to avoid the vortex. If you do, then you will be pushed back and you will take damage. In the second phase, the boss is a bit harder and his attacks have more range this time. Collins will also use new moves.

Watch out for the Blood Explosion attack which he will use sometimes when you are close to him. The tell for this move is that Collins will raise his palm up. That is how you know he is going to use the move. You should move back when you see Collin raise his palm up in order to avoid taking damage. He will try to attack you 2-3 times consecutively so beware of that.

Lost Bayonet is very useful as it fires 5 bullets in a line. Collin’s form is fairly large and you will hardly miss.

Butterfly Of Delirium

Location: Area E – 13, near Park Ruins

Reward: Mark of Honor

This boss uses venom. When the poison bar is full, you will start to take damage over time. That is why you need to have a couple of anti-venoms before you start the fight. We also recommend that you use Blood Veil that has a high defense against venom and physical attacks. That should help you take on this Code Vein boss.

In the first phase of the fight, the boss will try and attack you using the snake tails. The attack is telegraphed by raising the tail up. There are two attacks back to back in most cases, so keep that in mind. You need to dodge both. Once you pull that off, you can attack several times.

When you are near her, she can wrap her wings around herself to make a cocoon. She will then spread poison around her. You do have a few seconds to get out of the way. You should create some distance between her and yourself when this happens. Wait for her to expand her wings. This will create a venom explosion. You still have to wait a few seconds as the venom will stay there for a few moments.

Butterfly Of Delirium Boss Code Vein

Your attacks can often bring the boss on her knees. When you see that happen, give it everything that you have. Make the most out of the moment and deal as much damage as possible. If you stand too far away from her, she will raise her tail up and charge towards you. Timing is going to be key here. You need to roll. You can even roll forwards if you want but not backward. Timing is key here rather than direction, even though it might seem weird. You can feel free to give it a try. Do keep in mind that at times she does leave behind a cloud of venom.

When she leans back in the air, she fired 5 venom projectiles. Do do not want to be close to this Code Vein boss when that happens and the projectiles do expand, so keep that in mind as well.

The second phase of the boss battle starts when you have done 25% damage. Butterfly Of Delirium will get new venom moves. One of the new moves allows her to shoot a guided projectile at you that does venom damage. The projective is slow but this move is often combined with a charge attack. So, you can imagine that you will have a hard time dodging this move.

The tail combo now has a third attack. She used it twice in the first phase but now she will attack three times. She also spins around and shoots venom projectiles. Keep in mind that she does not have to use this move as a finisher. She can use it as a stand-alone move. She will also spread poison around a large area. When that happens, do not go into this area. When this attack is over, she can start to spread smoke. This is a good time to do some damage.

When you are near her in the second phase, she will defend herself by going into the cacoon. She will then hit you with her 3 hit combo. If you decide to back off, she will start to shoot poison at you and will even charge towards you.

Invading Executioner

Rewards: Assassin’s Sickle, 13,440 Haze, Mia Karnstein

Location: Area G-12, near Bottomless Shore

The Invasion Executioner boss in Code Vein uses water to his advantage. Her attacks will slow you down and her scythe moves have a long-range. This combination makes her a deadly boss. You will need to stack up on anti-slow items before engaging in this boss fight. Infusing your weapon with electricity will also help in this boss battle.

In the first phase, you will need to stay close to the boss. She will attack you with her scythe moves. She can attack twice. The second attack can be delayed so do not rush into it. The second attack can damage you even if you are standing behind her.

Invading Executioner

One of her moves is that she slams her weapon into the ground. when this happens, you need to make the most of it and deal as much damage as possible. Keep in mind that if you are too far away from her, she will use an explosive move right under her feet. You do have a moment to dodge this move. Her tell is that her hand starts glowing Red. That is how you know she is going to use the water explosion move.

When the Invasion Executioner starting pouring water on herself, you will know that the second phase of the encounter has begun. She will slam her weapon into the ground and start spinning. She will also shoot water projectiles at you. You need to dodge to the sides in order to avoid taking any damage.

In this phase, the boss will increase her speed. Her new move in this phase is that she will charge towards you while on her weapon or stomp you. This happens mostly when you move too far away from her. What you need to do is time the dodge perfectly. You can dodge forwards and to the sides but never backward.

She can perform two charges one after the other so you should wait for the other one. If you manage to avoid the first charge then be ready for the next one. This time, when she stomps, she will also produce water that will make the attack more effective.

Insatiable Despot

Reward: Tyrant’s Labry

This boss is massive. In the first phase of the encounter, he uses two daggers. He can also use red crystals to summon minions. During the first phase, the best thing to do is stick to his leg or his back.

During the first phase, you will need to deal with minions often. If you want to avoid the minions from spawning in the first place then you need to destroy the Red crystals as soon as you can. When the boss is about to use this move, his hand will turn Red. This is the tell that you need to look out for.

The boss can hit the ground with one of the daggers and come at your with the other one. It is important that you stay close to him. It is safe to do so because the range on these attacks is not that great.

Insatiable Despot Boss Code Vein

You will know that the second phase is starting when the Insatiable Despot starts removing parts from his chest. He will use these parts to make an axe. Now you have to deal with an axe rather than daggers. Now the boss is going to have a long-range, so sticking to his legs is not going to work anymore. He can do a spin attack which will hit you even if you are standing behind him.

In this phase of the fight, the Red crystals do not summon minions but they create projectiles that can follow you. You will need to dodge these projectiles at the last moment in order to dodge them. If you are standing in front of the boss then he can leap forward and try to attack you.

Insatiable Despot can also raise hit axe in the air and slam it into the ground. This creates an explosion. If you get hit then you will die. You can dodge this by keeping an eye on the weapon and his hands. When the boss raises his hands and the weapon glows Red you need to get to his back or move out of the way.

Argent Wolf Berserker

Rewards: Obliterator Axe, 4,480 Haze

Location: Area F-15, near Gated Room

The Argent Wolf Berserker boss in Code Vein can be hard to beat as he is a large boss and the arena that you fight him in is pretty small.  On the bright side, you can stab him in the back and launch him in the air.

Argent Wolf Berserker attacks you with his mace. This is often a two-hit combo. He can also do a single attack, so keep that in mind. The second attack does have a slight delay so be ready for that. Stay close to the boss and dodge his attacks in order to fill the Focus Meter quickly. This will allow you to perform the special Blood Veil attack. When this move is not available, try to stab the boss in the back whenever possible.

Argent Wolf Berserker Boss Code Vein

In the second phase of the encounter, the boss will surround himself with a blood barrier. This reduces the damage that you can deal to the boss. If you have a buff that inflicts Drain Attack damage then the damage that you deal will be reduced. The same is the case for other moves like special attacks and the backstab.

You simply need to keep damaging him even when you are doing half the normal damage. His new move in this phase allows him to cover areas of the arena with red spots. He will do this when you are far away from him. The spots will explode so move out of these areas when you see the Red markings.

Queen’s Knight

Reward: 32,900 Haze

Location: Your Memory

The boss has a sword and a shield and we recommend that you stay on the sword side because the shield attacks can be a bit tricky to dodge. The sword is going to make life a bit easier. We recommend using Shifting Hollow for this Code Vein boss fight.

In the first phase, the knight will dash towards you and will try to attack you. You can dodge this attack just like the boss encounters that we have talked about above. While you are near the boss he will try to attack you with his sword. The boss uses a two-hit combo. In order to dodge this move, you need to dodge to the left and then to the right.

Queen’s Knight

The boss can try and stab you. When that happens, you should dodge in any direction except for backward. The boss will try to attack you with the shockwave slash. Keep your distance when this happens. You can shoot projectiles during this attack to do some damage.

In the second phase, the boss will jump into the air and will try to hit you from above. You can lock-on him and dodge at the perfect time to get out of harm’s way. You can attack once you have dodged this move. He does have a triple leap attack and he will stab you after each jump. So keep that in mind.

If you are too far away from this Code Vein boss then he will try to spin and close in on your location. This is where Shifting Hollow will be very useful. One his health is low enough, all his attacks will become supercharged and you do not want to get hit any one of his moves.

Successor of the Ribcage

Location: Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

Once the encounter starts, you should use the columns on the side of the arena to take cover and avoid getting any damage. The boss will call down lightning in the arena. These can be dodged but you need to time your moves properly.

The boss does not move much but it can teleport. You can lock-on to the enemy in order to know where the boss is at all times. You can attack the boss when you get the chance and then run back tot he columns when it starts calling down lightning again.

Successor of the Ribcage

The same strategy can be used in the second phase of this Code Vein boss battle. This time the attacks are going to be more aggressive. Each time the boss teleports, a barrier is created and you need to take down the barrier before you can damage the boss.

If you keep strafing left and right you can dodge the lightning without having to roll. You should try and get behind the boss to deal damage and avoid the limbs.

From time to time, the floor will beneath you will go Red. You will need to dodge out of this area to avoid the area of effect damage. Stay close to the boss and deal damage to take him down.

Successor of the Breath

Location: Outside the Icy Caverns

This Code Vein boss is very strong that is why we recommend using projectiles rather than taking this boss head-on. You should only use your melee attacks when you are confident that it is safe to land a few blows. The major part of this encounter is going to comprise of firing projectiles.

The boss will charge at you if you are far away. If you are near, then he will try to stomp or punch you. All these moves can be dodged if timed right. At a point in the fight, the boss will stick his antlers into the ice. When that happens, be ready to roll out of the way as the ice will pull out of the ground.

Successor of the Breath

The boss will be staggered for a few seconds, so use this time to deal as much damage as you can.  Another one of his moves is that he slams his shield into the ground and charges at you. You can roll out of the way. He can also create an ice sword but it will go away once you have dodged the attack.

In phase 2 of the boss fight, the boss is more aggressive. He will jump into the air and after a short delay comes down on your position. A blizzard will form surrounding a small area. You need to get out of this area when that happens. Repeat the strategy and keep attacking until he dies.

Gilded Hunter

Location: Ashen Cavern

This boss can teleport and charge at you. The charge attacks can be dodged like all the other charge attacks that we have gone over in this guide. The boss is very fast and dodging his attacks can take some getting used to, so you need to be patient with this boss fight.

The boss will eventually end up pulling off a slam of sorts. You can roll out of the way or roll towards the boss to counter the move. The counter does need to be timed perfectly or it can get you killed. The boss can also fire projectiles at you. These can be dodged. You can roll back to dodge the first one and roll forward to attack the boss after the second projectile.

The second phase can get even harder and you must dodge all the attacks. You can get away while the boss is pulling off the slam move and take the time to heal. Or you can attack if you have plenty of health. The objective here is to stay alive rather than to deal damage. Once the aggression is over the boss will stagger and that will give you the time you need to deal damage.

He will go into another rage fit, repeat the process over again until you kill him.

Successor of the Claw

Reward: Blazing Claw

This boss is very agile and will fire multiple projectiles at you. You will need to dodge her moves in order to beat her. She will then try to charge at you. You have a moment to attack her.

Once that is done she will retreat back and charge at you again and will lash you with her weapon numerous times. You can attack whenever this Code Vein boss is not moving.

You should not stay too close as she can create walls of fire around herself that will hurt you. You will see fire build up around her and that will give you an idea regarding when you should step away.

Successor of the Claw

In the second phase of the encounter with the Successor of the Claw, she will start to use her sword to attack you. If you see her reaching for her sword then you should stop attacking and get ready to dodge her moves.

At some point in the encounter, she will create a pillar of fire. This does damage but is also there to distract you. While the pillar is there she can slash at you. Be ready to dodge her attack. These are all the moves that she has. You will need to dodge her moves and attack her when you see an opening.

Successor of the Throat

Location: Crown of Sand

This Code Vein boss uses her sand limbs to attack you. You can dodge these moves by moving towards her or rolling out of the way. She will then plant her limbs into the ground. This is her move in which giants will emerge out of the ground so move out of the way. You will need to time the dodge perfectly in order to avoid receiving damage. You can damage her when she is retracting the sand.

Successor of the Throat

You know the second phase has begun when you see the energy coming out of her hands. This is a tell that will reveal when she is about to use her powerful attack. This attack covers a large area. She will summon sand storms that last a couple of seconds, so be ready for that. You should move as far as possible when that happens. The sand storms will come back with time and she will cycle through her attacks. You can damage her whenever you see an opening.

Blade Bearer and Cannoneer

Rewards: x2 MJ109, x2 Queen’s Steel, Ice Blood and Burning Disaster

Locations: Depths – Town of Sacrifice. (Collect all the keys to access this area)

In this boss fight, you will need to take on two bosses that are opposite to one another. One has ice moves while the other has fire attacks. The Blade Bearer will use her frost spear to charge at you. Do not dodge before-hand. Wait for her to come at you. You will need to time the dodge right, in order to avoid any damage.

She has 3-hit combos in most cases, so you will need to dodge multiple times before you can attack. She will ground her weapon and ice pillars will appear in different parts of the arena. When this happens, you need to dodge forwards and close the gap between you and the boss and do some damage.

Blade Bearer and Cannoneer

She can also create a spikey ice wall in front of her. You can dodge and attack her while she is open. After this, the second phase starts and she will become a bit more aggressive.

The Cannoneer is a bit simpler to take on. When you are near him he will try to attack you with fire or push you away. You can dodge these attacks. He will call fire when you are at a distance. The fire will come out of the ground. You can strafe or dodge these attacks. The boss can use his flamethrower to burn you. You can use the pillars for cover when that happens.

We recommend focusing on one boss at a time. You can take out the Cannoneer or the Blade Bearer first.

Juzo Mido

Reward: Judgement Edge

Location: Further ahead from the Previous Fight

This Code Vein boss can teleport you towards him so beware. You will use his attacks to damage you if you are not on your guard. He can also fire projectiles that can be blocked or dodged. The boss can charge at you or use his attack combos and in some cases, he can do both. Dodge to the side and wait for him to finish his combination of attacks. After this, he will leap back. You can rush him and land a few blows.

Juzo Mido

In the second phase of the fight, his blade will turn red and he will summon balls of darkness to attack you. Touching them will cause an explosion and they will turn to you. Keep your distance when this happens and wait for them to go away before attacking the boss.

The boss will use 5-hit combos to try and take you out. He will stop after the 5th attack and this is your opening to try and attack him. He will cycle through his attacks. Damage him whenever you see an opening to beat him.

Queen’s Knight Reborn

This is the same knight that you fought a while but and you will need to take him out again. His moves are the same as before so that should help. This time he has more health and does more damage as well. So you should not take him lightly even though you have already beaten him once.

Queen’s Knight Reborn

From time to time, the knight will teleport and try to attack you. You will need to time the dodge perfectly in order to stand a chance of beating this boss. He will also leaf forward and try to attack you. We recommend that you not take this chance to try and attack him. Other than that, the boss fight is pretty simple and similar to the previous encounter with the knight.

Attendant of the Relics

Reward: Eos Vestige Part-E

Speed and agility can make this boss very tricky to deal with. The boss uses quick attacks and lunges. The combos comprise of 2 or 5 hits. You should be prepared to move out of the way when she is about to do so.

Attendant of the Relics

While her speed is amazing, she does not have much when it comes to defense. This means that she can take a lot of damage. Do not get caught up in her speed and you should be fine.

Skull King

Location: Gaol of the Stagnant Blood

Reward: Argent Wolf King’s Blade

At the start, the boss will lung at you from afar and will try to attack you. You can dodge this by rolling out of the way. He will follow up with a 3-hit combo, so keep that in mind.

He can jab you with one of his blades and leap forward and attack you with both weapons. Dodge to the sides for the former and towards him for the latter. The speed of this Code Vein boss is very high so be ready for incoming attacks at all times.

Skull King

When you see Red energy building around the boss you should move away as he will unleash a burst of energy. The energy will take the form of a twister and will last a few seconds.

In the second stage of the fight, his attacks will comprise of more sweep attacks that cover a large area. Getting away is not going to be an option and blocking is not going to be very helpful either. what you need to do is roll towards him. He does get more aggressive in the second phase just like the other bosses in Code Vein.

The Virgin Born

Location:  Gaol of the Stagnant Blood

The boss is pretty big, so you cannot move around him easily. He will try to hit you with his claws when you are near him. You can easily dodge these attacks. When you see Blue lights around you this means that the boss is going to release a large burst of energy. When this happens you need to move as far away as possible.

The boss does not have many moves in the first phase, so feel free to attack when you see an opening. In the second phase of the fight, the boss gets more aggressive. He will move around more. He will also fire beams at you.

The Virgin Born

Once the beam is fired, the boss will try to move around. What you should do is roll forward when the beam is fired. This will give you an opening to attack and deal some damage.

Once the health bar of the boss is low enough, the boss will fly into the air and you will see lights around you. These lights will crash down and can be hard to dodge. We recommend that you have numerous healing items for this part of the fight.

This marks the end of our Code Vein boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our guides on Blood Codes and how you can farm Haze fast.