Something many COD MW2/Warzone 2 players are experiencing lately is pixelated textures while playing the game. This is usually caused by faulty in-game graphics settings or issues with the installed graphics drivers. If you are one of those players, follow the step-by-step solutions below, and the pixelation should be resolved.

Fix #1: Check Render Resolution

You can first try fixing the pixelated issue in COD Warzone 2 by checking your Render Resolution. You can do so by following the step given below.

Launch COD MW2/Warzone 2 and head on over to settings. Click on graphics and switch to the “Quality tab”. Make sure that the Render Resolution is set to 100. If it is not, set it to 100, and it’ll fix the blurry or pixelated graphics or textures issue in Warzone 2.

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Fix #2: Turn Off NVIDIA DLSS

If changing the Render Resolution didn’t do the trick for you, then turning off NVIDIA DLSS is a sure thing to work. The steps given below should help you turn off NVIDIA DLSS.

However, before turning off DLSS completely, check what quality setting DLSS uses. Head to the Graphics settings in MW2/Warzone 2, and switch to the “Quality tab”. Under the DLSS option, click on ‘show more and the selected quality will probably be performance or balanced. Select ‘Quality’ and apply the changes. This will fix the blurry or pixelated graphics in Modern Warfare 2.

If it doesn’t fix the issue, then try changing your “Upscaling / Sharpening” algorithm to “SMAA T2X” or “FidelityFX CAS”. You must also change the FidelityFX CAS Strength to 75. Once everything is done, click on apply.

Fix #3: Turn Off Parallax Effects

If turning off NVIDIA DLSS didn’t do the trick, you can try turning off Parallax Effects to eliminate the pixelated texture. Follow the steps below, and you should be able to fix this issue.

Open up settings in COD MW2/Warzone 2 and head on over to “interface” in the settings. Scroll downwards, click “Parallax Effects” beneath “Advanced Interface settings,” and turn it off. And that should do it.

Fix #4: Turn Off the Depth of Field

Another fix you can try to resolve the pixilated texture issue in COD MW2/Warzone 2 is turing off “Depth of field”. Head over to settings, click “Graphics settings,” and switch to the “Quality tab”. Scroll downwards until you reach “Post Processing Effects”, find “depth of field,” and turn it off.

Fix #5: Change Particle Quality Settings

If none of these solutions have worked for you, then changing the particle quality settings may come in handy, as the quality of particles is responsible for pixilated particles. And if the video quality is too pixelated, then its setting is probably too low.

To proceed with this fix, head to settings, click “Graphics settings,” and switch to the “Quality tab”. Scroll down until you reach “Particle Quality”, change your “Particle Quality” to High and apply changes to fix the pixelated or blurry graphics issue in Warzone 2.

Solving the “COD MW2/Warzone 2 Pixilated Texture” is not as difficult as it seems. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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