As you journey through the world of Redfall, you’ll discover that there are several areas shrouded in a thick, red mist that can be fatal to those who linger for too long. This deadly mist is a result of Bloodbags, half-human creatures that have been drained of their blood by vampires, and their petrified state. As their bodies decay, the blood that has accumulated inside them seeps out, filling the surrounding area with the hazardous red mist.

The mist poses a significant challenge to players, hindering their ability to progress and making it difficult to fight against enemies. Moving through the mist can be an arduous task, as players are forced to deal with reduced movement speed and constant damage to their health. While it’s possible to take an alternate route, it’s not always feasible, and players may need to confront the red mist head-on.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and in this guide we will break down how to clear Red Mist in Redfall.

Redfall: How to Remove Red Mist

As you explore the world of Redfall, you may encounter areas shrouded in a thick red mist. This mist is the result of petrified Bloodbags, half-human creatures that serve as a source of blood for vampires. When a Bloodbag is petrified, excess blood stored in their body slowly seeps out, saturating the surrounding area with the hazardous red mist.

To clear the red mist, you must first locate any petrified Bloodbags in the area. Once you have identified them, the next step is to scatter them. This can be accomplished by attacking or shooting them, causing their bodies to break apart and disperse the excess blood. Here’s what Bloodbags look like in Redfall:

this is what bloodbags look like in redfall

By removing the source of the red mist, you prevent it from spreading further and clear out the area itself. With the mist gone, you can safely explore the area and continue your journey through the dangerous world of Redfall.

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Redfall is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC; no PlayStation version is announced for the time being.

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