City: Skylines is a single-player, city-building game made for people who are interested in city maintenance, construction, urban town planning, and community building. Launched in 2015 by ‘Colossal Orders’, this game has attracted an audience that appreciates problem-solving, planning, and the sheer enjoyment of building legacies from the ground up. Depending on the players’ city planning, they’ll face the unemployment issue in City Skylines and here we will help you with how to fix this problem.

How to Fix Unemployment

With all its complexities that entertain its users with multidimensional problems concerning community building, people management, and decision making, it can get quite overwhelming when the people of your town complain about something and you have no clue of why, what, and how. Here is how you can resolve the unemployment issue in City Skylines.

What To Do About the ‘Not Enough Workers’ Issue?

As the name suggests, there is a problem with the town’s inability to proceed or grow due to a lack of workers. This problem is a multidimensional one that is affected by many factors. Some might be obvious, and others not so directly related. So, let’s dissect the problem at hand and see what really went wrong with your town.

Think of the world you live in right now, and create a parallel in your head. Say, if you are a town mayor, and you visit the industrial sector and order a new project to be carried out, but get replied with ‘Not Sufficient Workers’ or ‘Unemployment’. What would you do?

Thinking about this scenario, you might be tempted to think, “What kind of actions lead to this?”. For a start, you can say that the industrial sector is at some fault for it, and the next thing to ask yourself is what kind of hurdles or problems are the industries facing that are leading them down to this level.

Read the three solutions below that we have for you on this particular problem, and see which one works for you.

Would You Commute 5 hours to a 9 to 5 Job?

If you are one of those City Skylines players that have kept the industries far away from the residents with a mediocre commuting system, then you’ve got it all wrong.

One of the very first things to do is to think about the people that you are planning out the city for. You’ll suddenly realize that the game will change from a single-player mindset to a mindset of someone who thinks about the community around them.

Try implementing better transportations, create shuttle services, taxis, bus routes, or trains if necessary. Either put your money on improving your transport services, lowering the traveling expenses, building better roads, creating highways, or bringing your industrial sector closer to the residential area.

Maybe The Manpower Is Low

Yet another obvious problem that you might be facing in City Skylines, unlike the one mentioned above, is that you have a small population of people in your town. To work on that, try building more houses, increasing your residential area and increasing the living standards of your town, by introducing malls, entertainment places such as parks, cinemas and creating a society where each sector supports the other rather than disturbing it.

Education Might Be the Problem

One of the less common reasons for unemployment issues in City Skylines would be poor education. So, increase educational institutes and universities around the town. This would raise the educational status of your people and might result in more skilled candidates being made for the industrial sector.

On the flip side, it might just be that your educated population is more than the uneducated ones in City Skylines. Sure, this will be advantageous for high positions in industries but it would create a gap in the labor side of an industry. So, if you have more than two or three institutes or schools, try to cut that down and see if it works.

Are You Feeding One and Starving the Other?

Ensure your industrial sectors in City Skylines are well fed in utilities and services just as well as your residential and commercial sectors. Poor care for them might result in even massive unemployment and other discomforting issues for your people.

Provide water supply in full, electricity connection to each area and establish several commute services such as shuttle busses and taxis. Other than that, try to build some basketball or sports parks as well; this might raise the industry’s standards as well.


City Skylines is a game made for thinkers and planners to polish their skills in their leisure time. It allows people to think differently and makes them think about their own society in real life. Creating a parallel between the world around you and the game in front of you might just be the key to solving more problems in the future, such as the one you were facing now.

If you’ve got your unemployment problem fixed in City Skylines after reading this article, then congratulations to you! However, if the problem still prevails, then try to introduce new techniques and try to tweak them here and there. For your convenience, we’ve also included a link to a Reddit post where people share more tips and tricks to successful town building. So, have a look at it and enjoy your journey of legacy-making!

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